Cool Camping Coronavirus Booking Guarantee

Book in complete confidence with the Cool Camping Coronavirus Booking Guarantee, with low deposits, balance payments near the time of your holiday and flexible rebooking if required. View all campsites offering the guarantee here.

Coronavirus Booking Guarantee

Campsites marked with the guarantee offer the following terms for current bookings:
  • A low deposit of just 20% to secure your booking
  • Balance not due until 10 days before your holiday, in case of late changes to Coronavirus guidance
  • Complete flexibility to move bookings for up to 18 months in the event of Coronavirus restrictions
  • Due to low deposit and late balance payment, no refunds are offered.

Already Booked?

Already booked a holiday during June with Cool Camping? See our Coronavirus advice for June holidays here.

Coronavirus Booking Guarantee Terms

The following terms apply under our Coronavirus Booking Guarantee – these terms apply to any site which is marked on Cool Camping as agreeing to this Booking Guarantee. You will need to agree to these terms before you confirm your booking. This policy supersedes any standard cancellation policies which may usually be in place.

20% Deposit

Sites signed up to the guarantee will require only a 20% deposit at the time of booking.

Balance payment 10 days before holiday

A balance payment for the full amount will be due 10 days before holiday starts, when you can be sure that your holiday is going ahead.

Flexible Rebooking Policy

In the event of cancellation due to Coronavirus restrictions or for self-isolation, the customer has the flexibility to move the booking to alternative available dates within 18 months of the start date of their holiday (the 'flexible rebooking policy') with no additional charges. If the customer chooses a date where the same accommodation is only available at a higher price,the additional prevailing rate for the stay will be due. The flexible rebooking policy is only available for cancellations related to genuine Coronavirus restrictions. Flexible rebooking is not available for cancellations related to weather or other reasons.


Due to the flexible dates offering, the low deposit and late balance payments, no refunds are available to the customer on any funds paid to the campsite (either the deposit or the balance). If the customer fails to pay the balance by 10 days prior to the holiday start date, the deposit may be deemed to be forfeited by the campsite and the booking cancelled. In such an event the flexible rebooking policy will no longer apply.


We recommend additional cancellation insurance to cover in the event of cancellations other than Coronavirus restrictions.