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The Best Treehouse Glamping Sites

Ever dreamed of living like Tarzan? Frolicking in the forest like Jane? Well, fairy-tales can become reality with this collection of enchanting tree houses in the UK and Europe. Exciting, intriguing and full of fun, glamping in a treehouse is quite unlike anything you will have experienced before and, if you love a space that fires the imagination, treehouse glamping will be perfect for you. From giant orbs suspended among the branches of redwoods, to woodland cabins on stilts and vast oak dens in the forest, there’s a treehouse for every type of glamper with a range of prices and facilities too. As always, the Cool Camping team have been out on the road (and up in the treetops) to find the very best places to stay. Every treehouse on our list has the Cool Camping stamp of approval, which means you can book your holiday rest assured that you’re not only getting the best price but you’re also bagging a spot at one of the best treehouses around.

What is a treehouse?

A treehouse (or tree house) is a structure you can stay in, built around or in a tree and its branches, sometimes encompassing more than one tree. And, when it comes to the world of glamping, a treehouse is essentially any glamping structure that is raised far above the height of regular forms of accommodation. Not every treehouse will be deep in a forest or built directly in a tree. Many are built on large long stilts, which offer the main support and give the treehouse its height. The important thing, however, is that the structure gives a sense of living at the height of a tree’s branches, providing a bird’s-eye-view. The Oxford English Dictionary define it as:

“A structure built in the branches of a tree for children to play in.”

But nowadays treehouses have gone far beyond their origins as a place for make-believe play for children. We may be grown up here at Cool Camping HQ but we simply adore staying in a treehouse. There are some things you’re never too old for!

Treehouse Glamping in the UK

From a jaunty, fairy-tale treehouse in East Sussex to the château-style dwelling in central Scotland, we’ve found extra special places to kip in canopy all across the UK. Some offer the utmost luxury – outdoor rain showers, gaint bronze bathtubs, rooftop saunas, hot tubs and more – while others allow you to get in among the branches in a more paired-back, simple setting. Whether you’re a luxury lover, or just seeking a peaceful retreat in the forest, we’re confident we’ll know somewhere to suit, be it England, Scotland or Wales. Browse some of our options below now and use our filters to refine your search further.

Treehouse Glamping in France

From week-long Forest Escapes on the Atlantic Coast to hidden wonders in the woods of the French Alps, there’s a growing number of treehouses popping up in France and across Western Europe. We’ve been clambering low, but mainly high, to find the best treehouses on the continent and here on the Cool Camping website you can find all of our very favourites. Glamping in France has never been so accessible and with these treetop gems you'll find the perfect inspiration for your next holiday. Browse the greatest getaways now and book your next adventure online today.

Five Reasons We Love Treehouses

– Exciting and inspiring, treehouse living is an utterly unique experience.
– "What did you get up to on holiday?" Your stay will be the envy of absolutely everyone!
– Tall and proud, treehouses can boast the best views of any glamping accommodation.
– Bespoke and carefully designed, the craftsmanship in every treehouse is mind-blowing. Nothing 'off the shelf' here.
– Luxury, luxury, luxury. This is proper glamping.

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