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Whether it's a glamping pod with king-sized beds and a hot tub on the doorstep or a more simple camping pod that offers cosy insurance against bad weather, these sturdy insulated structures are the perfect luxury upgrade. Forget the tent and avoid the hassle with a comfortable pod getaway.

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What is a glamping pod?

Some people call them camping pods, other people call them glamping pods but what they're referring too is pretty much the same thing. And, while designs are fairly consistent, there is a massive amount of variation out there too. Many pods are best described as an upside-down-boat-type-shape. Often clad in wood and with their tall, wide, curving form, the shell of a pod is indeed not too dissimilar to the underside of a sea-going vessel. Like a giant armadillo, they have a hard outer-shell to keep you dry and have an arching shape to ensure water always runs off. The idea, put simply, is to offer a shape relatively similar to a tent, but far larger and far more weather resistant. Many glamping pods are eco-friendly too – often insulated with sheep's wool to keep you cosy but not too warm, and let you stay toasty even when it's snowing outside. So, why do some people call them camping pods while other call them glamping pods? Most of the time it's just personal preference – for example people also sometimes call glamping luxury camping – but often the choice of title depends on the type of luxuries that are offered. Some pod sites – pod camping sites – allow you to rent the pod but don't provide you with too much besides. You'll need to bring your own sleeping bags, for example, and there might not be any cooking facilities. Other pod sites meanwhile – pod glamping sites – will have already gone the whole hog. You'll find king-sized beds, towels provided, en-suite bathrooms, hot tubs and miniature kitchens. The important thing is to check that the pod you are interested in has the right sort of facilities for you. And that's where Cool Camping comes in. Discover our favourite pod glamping sites here and use our handy refine your search feature to whittle them down to the pods that are right for you. Easy.