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Pod Glamping Sites in the UK, France & Europe

Whether it's luxury pod glamping on UK soil or camping in a pod abroad, we're sure we'll have a site to suit your needs. The glamping pod is like a tent without the faff, the poles, the canvas, the instructions... and pods are ready for you at the campsite as soon as you arrive – taking you from camping to glamping in one easy step. If the weather is bad, it's the ideal option to enjoy camping while keeping dry and less time worrying about the weather means more time to enjoy your holiday. If it sounds like a no brainer then you're already coming round to the pod way of thinking. Browse our online collection of the best pod glamping sites now and book your next adventure today.

What is a glamping pod?

Some people call them camping pods, other people call them glamping pods but what they're referring too is pretty much the same thing. And, while designs are fairly consistent, there is a massive amount of variation out there too. Many pods are best described as an upside-down-boat-type-shape. Often clad in wood and with their tall, wide, curving form, the shell of a pod is indeed not too dissimilar to the underside of a sea-going vessel. Like a giant armadillo, they have a hard outer-shell to keep you dry and have an arching shape to ensure water always runs off. The idea, put simply, is to offer a shape relatively similar to a tent, but far larger and far more weather resistant. Many glamping pods are eco-friendly too – often insulated with sheep's wool to keep you cosy but not too warm, and let you stay toasty even when it's snowing outside. So, why do some people call them camping pods while other call them glamping pods? Most of the time it's just personal preference – for example people also sometimes call glamping luxury camping – but often the choice of title depends on the type of luxuries that are offered. Some pod sites – pod camping sites – allow you to rent the pod but don't provide you with too much besides. You'll need to bring your own sleeping bags, for example, and there might not be any cooking facilities. Other pod sites meanwhile – pod glamping sites – will have already gone the whole hog. You'll find king-sized beds, towels provided, en-suite bathrooms, hot tubs and miniature kitchens. The important thing is to check that the pod you are interested in has the right sort of facilities for you. And that's where Cool Camping comes in. Discover our favourite pod glamping sites here and use our handy refine your search feature to whittle them down to the pods that are right for you. Easy.

The Benefits of Glamping in a Pod

As with all glamping, the main benefit of staying in a pod is that it cuts out the faff of a regular camping break. You don't need to own or transport any of the camping equipment and less time pitching your tent means more time enjoying your holiday and exploring the local area. Pods in particular, however, are a very resilient glamping structure. So while summery bell tents and family-sized yurts are excellent in the hight of the hotter months, it's pods that offer real warmth and comfort all year round. Pods offer great insulation in winter and many will have heating, either electrical heating, gas heating or even under-floor heating for really luxurious models. They are also wonderfully compact and, while you can sleep a family of four or five in the average pod, you'll also discover they have neat little kitchen areas and, sometimes, en-suite bathrooms too. Of course, not every pod is the same and every glamping site likes to do things differently. It's also true that pods slightly lack the romance of something like a shepherd's hut or the excitement of a treehouse. But for a reasonable price and a great weather-proof option, pods would be our pick every time.

Five Reasons We Love Pod Glamping

– There's something undeniably snug about living like a hobbit.
– Cosy and warm, they offer great insurance against the weather all year round.
– There's no need to buy or bring a tent.
– Pods are relatively cheap compared to many other year-round glamping options.
– The sturdy structure allows for extras, like electricity and kitchen facilities.

Pod Glamping Abroad

Glamping has massively taken off all around the world in recent years. Glamping in France is now more popular than ever and, increasingly, Spain, Portugal, Germany and many other countries are getting in on the act. Of course, one of the real pleasures of glamping in France and Europe is the warmer climate as you begin to head south. As a result, pod glamping is actually less common in Europe at the moment. After all, why bed down in an insulated pod when you could be breezily snoozing in a canvas safari tent? Further north, however, in Germany, the Netherlands and northern Europe pods are growing in popularity. Much of Europe we're still slowly starting to discover when it comes to glamping but finding new places is exactly what we at Cool Camping are all about!

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