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Safari Tent Glamping Sites in the UK, France & Europe

Bringing that out-of-Africa touch to foreign soils, safari tents are the perfect glamping set up for big family trips. Of all the glamping offerings it's usually safari tents that boast the most space, with room for several beds, huge living areas and wide verandas out front. Of course, there are plenty of safari tent glamping options out there, so we've been hand picking the best of the bunch and here you'll find our guide to the top glamping sites with safari tents in the UK, France and Europe. So now is the time to get outdoors and go on safari, even if you won't necessarily be seeing the animals!

What is a Safari Tent?

As the name suggests safari tents have their roots in, well, safari holidays! They have been used in Africa and across Asia for centuries and are well suited to hotter climates, offering light, airy canvas shelter that allow the breeze to pass through and keep things as cool as possible. On many safari tents you can roll back large areas of the canvas to open the place up to the elements, quite literally creating a room without any walls. They are also associated with the style of military tents and medical tents, owing to their long, wide, characteristic shape and large amount of interior space. Both in this military and medical use, as well as on safaris, one of the key features is the fact that the tents are easy to erect quickly, yet provide sturdy, solid structures and ample space. When it comes to glamping, the appeal is much the same (though the length of time the tent takes to put up is irrelevant since this is glamping... all that hard work is done for you!). It's easy to see why safari tents are popular: the beautiful, natural look of the wooden frame and taught canvas tent makes it the perfect choice for natural settings, but they are also extremely durable. It's the amount of space that safari tents afford, however, that is the real clincher. Inside, separate canvas curtains can divide the tent up into individual rooms, making them ideal for dividing living, cooking and sleeping quarters, while families love the fact that children can be put to bed early in a separate room. Throw in some luxury furnishings, a well-equipped kitchen, perhaps a hot-tub, towels and bathrobes and you've got yourself some seriously luxurious living!

Why Go Safari Tent Glamping?

As with all glamping, one of the great benefits is the fact that you don't have to buy or transport your own tent or camping equipment. But that's true of pods and yurts too. So what sets safari tents apart? Well, for families, safari tents are a pretty perfect glamping structure. Generally, safari tents offer far more space then almost every other type of glamping accommodation and interior canvas partitions allow them to be divided into separate rooms. This means you can put the kids away at 10pm but stay out in your living area for another couple of hours, chatting quietly and enjoying the stars. Many safari tents will also have a covered veranda or balcony area as well – perfect for a barbecue – while the most up-market tents may even have an en-suite bathroom attached to the back of the tent. In short, safari tents stand out as a large summery space, ideal for big groups and families. They're cool, spacious and luxurious. We love 'em!

Five Reasons We Love Safari Tents

– Loads of space for families.
– Cool and airy, particularly when glamping on a hot summer's day.
– Individual rooms provides extra privacy.
– Per person accommodated, it's excellent value for money.
– The luxuries of glamping but still that under-canvas camping feel.

Safari Tent Glamping in France & Europe

Glamping has grown hugely in popularity in recent years and glamping in France, in particular, has really taken off. If you're planning a trip to Europe then you've come to the right place. Here at Cool Camping we're always keeping on top of the latest camping and glamping trends are are constantly adding to our online collection of the greatest places to stay. Safari tents lend themselves perfectly to continental glamping, too, since they offer such a breezy, cool interior in the hotter climes of the south. There are plenty of safari tent glamping sites in France and a growing number in Spain, Italy and Portugal too. So, if your chasing the sun, make sure you check out our safari tent recommendations here on the Cool Camping website first.

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