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Cool Camping Special Offers

We've teamed up with our campsites and glamping sites to bring you discounts, offers and some extra special Cool Camping deals

Camping Deals and Special Offers

The offer with the largest discount available will always be automatically applied to your bookings on Cool Camping, you don't have to do anything to get the best price, because we’re always on the hunt for a bargain and, hey, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to secure the best deal when visiting a campsite? It’s for this reason that we’ve got a Best Price Guarantee at Cool Camping, so that you can be confident you won’t find a better price for your camping pitch anywhere else online. Yet while finding cheap camping rates and good prices is important, sometimes it’s good to go the extra mile and find discounted prices and special offers too. That’s why we’ve teamed up with all of the campsites and glamping sites on our website to offer exclusive discounts to Cool Camping customers.

Every special offer in the list above is valid for use on our website now and none of them require a specific discount code or coupon. So, whether you’re staying for more than a week and deserve 20% off the price, or you’re camping as a group and have earned yourself a group discount, there are plenty of campsites out there willing to reward you with an extra special deal.

Glamping Deals and Special Offers

With extra luxury, extra comforts and a sprinkling of amazing facilities – such as hot tubs, saunas and private pizza ovens – glamping really raises the bar in the world of outdoor living. Glamping today is a set apart from its cheaper cousin camping and, with all those extra amenities comes a substantially greater price tag. But not all glamping has to be expensive or out of reach and, if you know where to look, glamping discounts abound with cheap glamping options available to those looking at the last minute.

Glamping deals are often more common than you might think, especially if you are booking a longer stay of three nights or more. The best time to find special offers is during the week, as weekends are more in demand and more expensive, and longer mid-week stays will often have a hefty discount. For the reduced rates and glamping bargains, looking outside of the school holidays is also wise.

The great thing about glamping is that, with wood-burning stoves, hot tubs and hard-wearing accommodation, such as pods, shepherd’s huts and treehouses, you can stay in your cosy abode all year round. In winter months, glamping sites often drop their prices dramatically, while the accommodation itself remains just as warm and cosy. Looking at these cooler dates, in winter, spring and autumn, gives you access to cheaper glamping and bigger discounts, so do bear it in mind.

Last Minute Discounts

If you know when you want to go camping and are planning a summer holiday in advance, then it’s not a very wise idea to hang around and wait in the hope of securing a special last minute discount. Many campsites, particularly the smaller ones often recommended by Cool Camping, are fully booked during the summer school holidays, particularly on weekends. While campsites and glamping sites aren’t always as busy outside of this peak season, they drop their prices accordingly so that they are already reduced as much as possible.

If you’re looking for a last-minute glamping accommodation, however, or decide one week that you want to go on a camping holiday that weekend, then it’s a great time to look for last minute deals and special offers. If accommodation isn’t filled and time is running out, businesses will often drop the price and promote a special offer in the days leading up to the unoccupied space, leaving you the chance to snag a bargain and get a fantastic camping or glamping discount. The downside of this is that leaving your planning so last minute will often limit your choices of what is available. For a good price and a bumper discount, however, finding last minute deals on our website is always a good way to go.

Five top tips for securing the very best deal

  1. Pick the right date – look for dates outside of school holidays when camping pitches are less in demand so the prices are much lower. If possible, camp during the weekdays, rather than the weekend. The cheapest prices available are always during the middle of the week in winter, spring or autumn.
  2. Stay for longer – many camping and glamping sites offer incentives for you to book a longer stay. It may be that after three or four nights somewhere the fifth night is free or perhaps you get a certain percentage off the price. Longer stays are rewarded with better prices.
  3. Book in advance – though you may feel like you’re missing out on last minute deals, it’s worth remembering that most sites run ‘early bird’ special offers too. The earlier you book your holiday the more likely you are to get the best price – and, of course, the more likely you are to get a space if the campsite of glamping accommodation becomes fully booked.
  4. Keep up to date – at Cool Camping we always highlight special offers and deals to keep you informed about the best deals. Check our special offers page regularly for the very latest deals and up-to-the-minute discounts.
  5. Use a service you can trust – at Cool Camping we have a Best Price Guarantee so that you always know you won’t find a better price elsewhere on the internet. If another service promises you a discount that’s too good to be true be sure you double check the prices first and make sure you use a service you can trust. We’re independently reviewed by customers on Trustpilot, for example, so you can see what our previous users think.