Fantastic location - awful facilities

Review of Cloud Farm

Aug 29, 2016, by Bee S

Very very busy being bank holiday weekend but even in less busy times I am not convinced the awful, dated, dirty facilities would have coped. I opened the fridge to see if I could keep my very expensive milk I had just bought from the on-site shop but was confronted with uncovered gone-off stinking abandoned food. Same story in the freezer. Try showering a 3 year old in the dark whilst holding the shower head with one hand because they are all broken, whilst a measly trickle of weather comes out. And what on earth was happening in the 4 loos and 3 basins there to supply the whole female population of the campsite?? Mud on the taps, filthy floors and overflowing bins. And that was every time we went in there. For the price I would expect functional and clean - which is what we got for £5 less a night when we moved next door onto Doone Valley campsite where the owner runs a tight ship and the facilities are spotless and working and there's not a spot of litter. So disappointed in Cloud Farm - it could be amazing but too many people crammed in to get the money without spending any of it on the upkeep of facilities is not going to get me back.