Just what we needed!

Review of Spring Meadow Farm Campsite

Jun 12, 2016, by Lisa

The only reason I wouldn't want to review this site is I am not keen to share this wonderful place with too many people in case we can't get a space when we inevitably return one day!  Tee hee..

We travelled a long way from Cumbria in June to this campsite and it was worth every mile ! 

We've been stung on 'quiet' sites in the past with loud music (and thoughtless drunken behaviour in the past) so we were looking for somewhere different this year. 

The campfire and bench clinched it for us and we became rather good at campfire cooking! 

The site is unspoilt and just as a farm should be, I enjoyed an early morning stroll trying to spot the pair of cuckoo's I could hear every evening and morning. 

We were lucky that the weather was superb but we were pleased to have the freedom to erect a gazebo for extra outdoor space/shelter and it felt spacious and private even on the first night when all 5 pitches were occupied.  

We stayed with 2 young boys and they enjoyed every minute that we spent on the campsite , we were relaxed too, knowing they were safe away from traffic.  

It's really not far at all to St David's so we didn't feel cut off from civilisation but the compromise of not overlooking the sea was more than made up by the peace and tranquillity of the site: the friendly owners Lynne and Tim, the spotless shower/toilet facilities plus washing machine and fridge freezer. 

We had 8 nights and only one was a bit noisy as our last night must have coincided with local farm harvesting of some sort which meant the nearby fields had loud machinery going until midnight!  It seemed much louder at night but this may have been a one off and they have to work when the weather's favourable I guess.  

I can't fault the site and look forward to returning in a few years for more beach, coastal walks and boat trips to this most beautiful part of Wales .

Lisa Ashworth