Lovely site in the woods

Review of Badgells Wood Camping

Sep 7, 2015, by SamFriday

We stayed for a few nights mid week to weekend and the difference was huge! Our first night and day was blissfully quiet, hardly any others on site and we really enjoyed listening to the sounds of nature and the ability to allow the children to wander around near the tent without any concerns. At the weekend, however this changed, the site was extremely busy and we ended up with two tents extremely close to ours. This is not the fault of the campsite, however we were in the area where you could park close to the sites (due to having young children) and others were less considerate about where to pitch. It also didn't help that one tent close to ours was pitched in the dark pretty late in the evening. After wandering around the site, we found the pitches that were further away (the ones you need wheelbarrows to get your kit there) and in retrospect, we would have preferred to use one of these pitches as there were still toilets within a reasonable distance and they seemed much more secluded and quiet.

The site itself was definitely 'camping in the woods' as our children named it. We loved having the fire and cooked most of our meals on it. The wood to purchase from the site was a reasonable price for a huge bag and we only needed one bag for the long weekend! We will admit that we were surprised at the cost of hiring the grill as every site we have visited in the past has provided them. If we had realised we would have taken something ourselves. The children had a great time on the first day building dens and we enjoyed walks through the woods. The compost loos were fine - the children found them a novelty!! We were impressed with how well they were maintained, we often saw someone re-filling toilet roll and hand gel and at least a couple of times in our stay, sawdust was added. I will admit that by the last day (weekend) the smell was becoming a little over-powering but not through lack of maintenance by the campsite staff.

Other facilities were all fine and well maintained. The rope swings were great and enjoyed by our children and many others!

Overall, this is a great site, however suffers a little by its own popularity. A busy weekend will be busy. If we visit again, we will go for a quieter time of year and choose a site further away!