Excellent family holiday

Review of Glisten Camping - Col d'Ibardin

Sep 6, 2015, by Mummy_rosie

The domes are really spacious and you don't feel like you are camping at all because of the high ceiling height, the king sized bed and the fully stocked kitchen! I was a bit concerned my 23 month old would fall out of the hanging beds so we asked Simon to provide a cot, which he did, but she loved her brothers so much that we put the other hanging bed back up- she slept brilliantly all week! My four year old loved going to bed and slept  soundly! 

Having the little lamps was really handy too so you didn't have to have torches to hand all the time. We had a huge thunderstorm on our first night and the dome didn't move a cm, even though the rain was pretty load! But the beds must have been comfy as my son slept through the whole thing! 

The kitchen tent was good, although things got a bit wet around the edges after the storm, it was mainly water tight, and I think that storm was an exception! It was fully stocked with everything you'll need, a great hot plate you can cook anything from sausages to chicken legs, scrambled eggs or put a pan on and cook pasta! There was two fridges, which was handy for a weeks supplies. There was also a microwave and a microwaveable bowl provided.   The table was a good size with two benches and two chairs. 

The huge hammock on the decking was brilliant, liars if fun for the kids and relaxing (if they gave us a chance!)

We stayed in pitch 3, underneath a huge oak tree, you could see the play park and right next to the pool. The shower block was about 100m past the park and over the stream. Not a bad walk at night. We didn't get much sun on our pitch which was a shame, as the weather wasn't great. In the height of summer this would have probably been nice to have a shady spot! 

Simon(who runs Glisten camping) was excellent, really great at answering any questions before we got there via email and gave us lots if information about the area once we were there. 

The campsite was good, lots of acorns for my son to collect and store under his bed! A little stream running through it too. The swimming pools were good, but not heated and very cold after September rain! The baby pool was even colder which was a shame, I'm sure it would be warmer in mid summer!  As it was the very end of the summer, the campsite was very quiet which suited us! 

There was a good supermarket about 10 minutes drive where you could get everything you needed, even soya milk and yogurt which we were glad of. 

To be honest we didn't spend too much time at the campsite as the weather let us down a bit, but it didn't matter at all. We loved the area, especially hopping over to Spain and going to San Sebastien! A fantastic city in the rain or sun shine! Great beaches, modern kids parks mixed with old traditional building and lots of Spanish basque culture!  The food was fantastic too, sea food and tapas! The aquarium was worth a visit if it rains too. 

Loads of other activities to do locally too, we took the train up to the top of the nearest mountain, La Rhune, but there was caves to explore and Basque villages if we'd had more time.  Plenty of coastal town to explore too,. 

We are definitely going back!  Fantastic family holiday, the accommodation was great value in the first week of September. Definitely 5 stars!