Not quite what it says on the website

Review of Badgells Wood Camping

Jul 30, 2015, by tralgon

Badgell’s wood is a great location, very easy to reach from London and the owners are very friendly and helpful. However there are quite a lot of claims on their website which didn’t really match up with the experience I had.

Firstly, don’t expect piece and quiet, in fact it was pretty noisy. Also, don’t expect to be able to park just off the road and camp next to your car, once the limited spaces that allow this are gone you have to park in a car park and wheelbarrow all of your stuff for quite a long distance.

The shower block is really well designed but the water coming out of it was stone cold when I used it. The toilet block nearest to us ran out of water for washing hands regularly, ran out of toilet paper and was quite messy most of the time.

Make sure you take lots of bottled drinking water with you because there is no drinking water on site and it isn't cheap from the camp shop.

Overall. I'd give it another because the location is so good but only at a quiet time of year.