DO NOT follow the Sat Nav

Review of Rowter Farm

Jun 28, 2015, by Emma-MaeP

We first made the mistake of following the Sat Nav; please DO NOT follow the Sat Nav as it leads to another farm that is located down a very small and bumpy road and nowhere near the site itself and the lady is getting a bit ticked off with all us campers arriving down her driveway! 

I went to Rowter Farm June 19th to 21st with my partner, arriving late evening on a Friday night. It was very busy with DofE and stag dos etc, but we found a spot near the entrance and no trouble from the crowds of people. 

The Saturday night was less busy and we very much enjoyed the 'no thrills' of the site. The showers are 50p for 3 minutes only and 10 seconds of that are freezing cold water, but you can get the job done in the time given.

 Plenty of walks around you as Rowter Farm is set back in gated fields, with no close neighbours other than sheep and cows! We went down the road to Speedwell cavern, which was really enjoyable and interesting. Sunday was completely empty and we chose to go home that night because of the weather. Really lovely though and loved the area.