not very quiet

Review of Rowter Farm

Jun 20, 2015, by adam

turned up on a friday afternoon planning to stay 2 nights. there was a big group of teenagers doing d of e i think who were noisy and didnt quieten down until around 11pm which was not too bad i guess. but then there was 2 seperate groups of blokes getting drunk, first group went to sleep around 1am and second group had music on, singing, and even beeping a car horn until around 2-30am. heard a couple of guys from first group stagering past my tent to be sick by the wall around this time too. the teens were packed up and on there way in the moring but the other groups didnt look like they were going so i packed up and cut my stay short. also noted was the grass was very long 8 inches or so. i can imagine if the site was quiet with just familys or couples then it would be fine, basic and out of the way from it all, but they dont seem to mind groups camping there and everyone is left to do as they please, so it really depends on your luck as to who else is there. got 3 or 4 hours sleep in the end so had to cut my weekend short as it was late when i got packed up and too tired to go out walking all day