Review of La Ferme de Prunay

Sep 17, 2014, by Daniela

My husband, our 3yr old daughter just returned from our trip to France where we visited several cool-camping-sites. After many good experiences and some that were okay, we found our last station at Ferme du Prunay rather disappointing. I have to say that it was end of season (mid-September) but we found nothing of the things that we read about on the website or even on the movie provided. 

First of all, it is not an (animal) farm. The animals are on a field and (probably, we didn't find it) in a stable a 10 min walk away from the site. We were told we could feed the animals with our own food (as an animal owner, I would never let people feed my animals with random stuff) and take the donkey for a ride by ourselves. 

There was no feeding-the-animals-all-together-in-the-evening.

No tractor-rides. No baking bread or whatever else activities. Kids pool full of leaves and dirty.  We are not the kind of campers who are in animation at all. But what we expected was some farm life, other children running around and being encouraged to join the animals. Instead, there was noone. Some guys hanging around at the bar, dirty bathrooms (first campsite where I couldn't encourage myself to take a shower), for us, all in all a strange atmosphere. 

We drove 8 hours and our daughter was very excited to arrive and see the animals. The next morning we decided to leave. 

The only thing we really liked were the pitches on the field, there's a lot of space and whoever planted all the wild flowers on the site has a sense for gardening. The one of the two playground (one was broken) could be very neat if there would have been any other kids. 

I can't really understand the other reviews, maybe there really is a big difference between staying there in June and September. For us, we defenetely won't return. Too many charming sites out there. 

Response from the campsite owner:

Dear Daniela,
As I explained it to you during your holidays, the activities are only during the school holidays. This information is given on our website. And I mentioned this to you again this information when you arrived at the reception of the campsite.
In June and September, during your holidays, you can go to the animal parc if you walk 5 minutes (250 meters). I explained to you that you can take food to the animals and you can walk your daughter on donkeys. I remember having explained to you that it would be pleasant for your daughter Lucie to open the door of the park to have a better contact with animals, to walk next to her while she rides on the donkeys. In this park, there are goats, poneys,donkies, sheep and a cow.
Then, there were no other children on the campsite in september, it is because children are at school at this period. If you want meet other children during your holidays, it is better to come in summer holidays I'm sure that you can appreciate this information and that you understand.
We would love to receive you again and show you our beautiful farm, come again with pleasure in July or August !
Marine - Ferme de Prunay -