Run with passion and care

Review of La Ferme de Prunay

Aug 28, 2014, by Genmaxwell

We've just spent a delightful week at Ferme de Prunay, and alongside the charm, beauty and relaxed atmosphere of the place, what hit us most from the outset was the absolute passion and care with which this place is run. Marine and her family are omnipresent at all hours working away with a smile and a twinkle in their eyes, and twinkle they might as they have a lot to be proud of!

The children's activities are beautifully planned and run- Marine looks as though she enjoys each one as though it were the first. Tractor rides to feed the animals- with an individual bucket of animal food packed for each and every child- or evening camp fires, where Marine et famille have selected the longest, curving sticks and sharpened them at the ends especially for toasting marshmallows.

Can't find the baby bath in the nursery bathroom? Marine will track it down and deliver with a smile. It is this sort of care and friendliness that will keep people coming back year on year.

Our 2 year old adored it- from the idyllic courtyard with chickens, ducks, dogs and rabbits, to Dorian's tractors, to swimming in the toddler pool or playing with the other little ones in the playground (-which is handlily in front of the washing up area so you can keep an eye whilst busying yourself)- he had a ball. So did we- especially in the peaceful evenings gazing at the moon above the swaying crops.

The only, tiny tiny thing that was not perfect was that the swimming pool is quite small, and does get pretty crowded during the day, but then we were there at peak season, so what more could we expect?

Many more wine tastings to be done in the area- I'm sure we will be back. But be sure to check out Les Vaucorneilles on the wine route in neighbouring Onzain for amazing, organic local wine.