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This is a campsite review of the campsite

Badgells Wood Camping

by one of our readers.


Mother nature welcomes you with open arms !

What can I say, I've been all over Europe and found this campsite on my doorstep and have to say I have never felt more at home among the trees. This has to be if not the best, then certainly one of the best places I've stayed at. I have already booked for the next couple of weeks. To see the sun go down with a camp fire roaring, the crackle of other's fires in the distance, and the echo of children's laughter through the trees..this truly is a very magical place. From the moment we arrived, we felt it was home and nothing over the 2 days we stayed changed that. I hope this place touches your heart like it did ours. Your children will grow up to be better people for having stayed here filled with memories of freedom, love and laughter, we cannot wait to go back to what feels like our real home.

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