Lovely wood, too many pitches for the facilities

Review of Badgells Wood Camping

Aug 5, 2014, by wildcamper

Badgells Wood is a characterful wood. There aren't many places you can camp in the woods, so they get 4 stars from me just for that.

There is a real charm about the place. Everything has been done thoughtfully with respect to the surroundings.

The only negative is that we went on a busy saturday and the place was rammed with campers. People, pitches and cars everywhere. The wood is large but the clearings for camping are limited.

The composting toilets were great, but they were consistently out of toilet paper, sawdust and water. I'm sure it would be fine when it's quieter, but I think they are letting too many people on to the site at peak times. It might be ok if they cleared more pitches and made sure the toilets were checked and restocked regularly. I will be back again, but hopefully when it's less busy.