Even better than we imagined

Review of Glisten Camping - Col d'Ibardin

Jul 19, 2014, by Emma

We feel very lucky to have discovered Glisten camping, having had an amazing six nights in a dome. 

The campsite is incredibly well looked after and well set-out, with beautiful big oak trees and private-feeling pitches. We enjoyed the bar and the food in the restaurant was surprisingly good and we felt very well looked after by all the friendly helpful staff. The shower facilities are better than we have at home, and even washing up isn't too bad as you can stand amongst the trees listening to a stream rush past.

Then there's the domes themselves, which are even more amazing than they look on the website. We were so happy to have the best bits of camping - with cycling down to the beach (and back up again with the aid of electric bikes!), long lazy meals by the dome, swimming and tennis and card games - and also have a comfortable bed, a well equipped kitchen and lots of different places to sit and read and admire the way the sun-light comes through the domes port-hole windows. We even enjoyed a massive thunder-storm as it was an excuse to stay in the dry secure dome and just enjoy the space. Everything in the dome - from the bedside lights to the hammock, the quality of the bedding and the layout of the space has obviously been chosen with great thought and appreciation for the effect they'll have on the feel and ease of the holiday.

When we weren't planning how we were going to incorporate a plancha grill and outdoor kitchen into our life back at home, we were planning how many of our friends we can get to come with us next time. Simon was a great host - making sure we got the most out of the area and out of our holiday. We can't recommend Glisten camping enough (except that we don't want too many people to book it all up - so we can come again sometime!)