Cloud Farm

Review of Cloud Farm

May 22, 2011, by Helen Smith

Easter 2007: I only just got in! It was heaving, the phrase ’peg sharing’ sprung to mind. That said, the location was awesome! They have wooden boxes dotted about the site, full of rocks, so that you can build your own campfire, and the walks from the farm are great. It has a really handy little shop on site and a cafe. The facilities are good and they sell bags of logs and kindling, at a really good price. I was in the overflow field, so didn’t get much of a view of the stream. The only thing that really annoyed me, they charged me based on the ’Berth’ of my tent! I went alone, but had to pay for 4 people! What should have cost me £5 actually came to £20. Feb 2009: The ground was saturated and I don’t think it got above freezing! At least I got a pitch near the stream this time. Took the same tent, but only got charged for 1 person this time. Although there was only one other camper there! Its a great campsite, but be prepared for it to be busy.