Cloud Farm

Review of Cloud Farm

Apr 22, 2011, by Baggage Train

Well, what can I say. We try to go camping a couple of times each year and like to pick a different spot each time. However, after our stay at Cloud Farm I think we might have met our match... This is one of the best site I’ve visited in a long time! We went to stay at the beginning of April, attempting to miss the holiday madness. The location of this site is absolutely second to none. We pitched right on the riverside, literally 4 feet away! This meant the kids could go for a dip whilst we sat by our tent and I could keep an eye on them. We had a big fire each night we stayed there, the staff were very relaxed about where we set ourselves up and where we had a fire. In fact I think that word best sums up our experience at Cloud Farm... relaxed! We always enjoy getting away from the hustle as we live in London, but this is one of the most relaxing camping holidays we’ve had in a while. One thing I will say is that they dont seem to be running the horse riding at the moment but we spoke to one of the staff and they said they were going to try to get it going for next year. The staff there seemed to go out of their way to help us with anything they could (even when I got a puncture... ooops! They leant me an electric pump to pump up my tire!) Even without the horse riding this is one of the best, if not THE best site we’ve been to. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone that is considering a relaxed get away in the countryside.