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The essential camping checklist

Don't forget the tent! Just use this handy camping checklist to make sure you're ready to go.

We know, we know, half the fun of camping is that every site is different, every camper is different and, yes, every holiday is different, but why call ourselves experts if we can’t offer a little friendly advice?

However you chose to go camping, have a think about what you’re after in your stay. Travelling light? Then keep it simple. Taking the family car? Then feel free to throw in a little extra gear. Whatever your take on how it should be done, there's nothing worse than forgetting that essential corkscrew/box of matches/headtorch/handcuffs (delete as appropriate). If you still think we've missed anything, let us know!

Download this printable PDF


•  Backpack
•  Bin bags
•  Cool bag / cool box
•  Ice or ice packs


•  Tent
•  Spare pegs
•  Sleeping bag
•  Duvet / extra blankets / sleeping bag liner (if you've got room)
•  Ground sheet
•  Airbed or roll mat
•  Air pump (if you’ve got an airbed)
•  Pillow
•  Mallet


•  Suntan lotion
•  Insect repellent
•  Aspirin, Paracetemal and so on...
•  Tweezers
•  Antiseptic, plasters and bandages
•  First aid kit (may include all the above items)
•  Pocket tissues

Cleaning and Personal Items

•  Clothes!
•  Soap
•  Flannel
•  Shampoo / dry shampoo
•  Toothpaste and toothbrush
•  Comb / hair brush / clips / bands
•  Make-up bag
•  Razor and shaving cream
•  Towel
•  Deoderant
•  Toilet paper (essential)
•  Wet wipes


•  Torch or lantern
•  Spare batteries
•  Lighter
•  Matches


Cool Camping guidebook!!!
•  Swiss Army knife
•  Mobile phone / charger / car adapter
•  Camera / spare battery / charger
•  Electrical hook-up connecter (if you plan on using electricity)
•  Cash, credit card and so on…
•  Bikes and helmets
•  Binoculars
•  Chairs (fold out picnic table if you have space)
•  Travel clock / travel radio
•  Books
•  Maps
•  Compass
•  Games and cards
•  Clothesline and pegs
•  Walkie-talkies (great if you're with the kids)
•  Gaffa tape


•  Stove with fuel and lighter
•  Newspapers (for lighting a campfire)
•  Charcoal and grill for BBQ
•  Frying pan
•  Sauce pan (with a lid)
•  Thermos flask
•  Can opener / bottle opener / corkscrew (not essential if you’ve packed a Swiss Army knife)
•  Sharp knife
•  Chopping block
•  Tin foil
•  Cooking oil
•  Salt / pepper / spices / sugar
•  Tea / coffee
•  Milk
•  Beer / wine (wine glasses)
•  Marshmallows
Camping cook book
•  Plates
•  Mugs
•  Knives / forks / spoons (and teaspoons)
•  Dish cloth / sponge
•  Tea towel
•  Biodegradable washing up liquid
•  Washing up bowl
•  Paper towel