the world's craziest camping inventions

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Published: 1st April 2014
Pop-up tents, remote-contolled camping lanterns and head-torches are all common features in the camping landscape these days, but at one time they were the height of innovation. And as campers continue to push the boundaries, they need the gear that will do that too, which means ever-more ingenious inventions.
Here we round-up the world's most outrageous camping gear – and as it's April 1st, we've added an April Fool too! If you can spot the fake invention amongst the genuine wacky outdoor equipment, tweet us with the hashtag of the fake product, and the hashtag #AprilFoolsDay for your chance to win £50-worth of Cool Camping books! NB: This competition is now closed

Sealander Schwimmcaravan

Is it a caravan? Is it a boat? Or perhaps a Bond villain's ingeniously impractical getaway vehicle? The Schwimmcaravan is in fact an amphibious camping trailer hybrid. Hook this compact caravan to the back of your car before letting her loose on the waves (disclaimer: for any of you budding seafarers, that means shallow, calm waters only), propelled by the 5hp electric motor. With a mini onboard cooking-washer combo, benches and table, this is characteristic German efficiency on two wheels... or should that be rudders?... flippers? You get the idea. #Schwimmcaravan

Dideia Cork camping cabin

Cork – raw material of dartboards, fly-repeller for many an Aussie ocker's headgear, and Ireland's second city.. oh wait, scrap that last one. There's far more to cork than just the humble stopper on your bottle of plonk. The latest design innovation using this versatile substance is the cork camping cabin. Easily inflatable and ridiculously lightweight, this dexterous dwelling is both roomy and snug thanks to its natural insulation properties. Proving much more than a quirky concept, the cork cabin is also made from 100% sustainable materials. That's all the excuse we need to pop the corks!  #CorkCabin

bumper dumper

As all wild camping fans know, there's nothing like a weekend in the great outdoors to really bond with that special camping companion. But a lack of readily-available showers coupled with campfire baked beans and the special intimacy of a night under canvas makes for a true warts 'n' all experience. And then of course, there's the other bodily functions. Well, fret no more our prudish friend and say hello to The Bumper Dumper – it does exactly what it says on the... ahem... can. Simply rig it up to the back of your truck and bombs away. We're also reliably informed that this carriageable khazi can carry up to 500lbs... perfect for those looking to answer that age old question as to what exactly a bear does in the woods.  #BumperDumper

campmeleon invisible tree tent

Now here's something really cool. The CampMeleon Invisible Tree Tent (geddit?) is the world's first completely camouflage camping accommodation. The original design was developed by the US army during the Vietnam War for special forces to camp in the jungle canopy and evade detection by patrolling enemies. Using highly sophisticated digital micro-fibres, the CampMeleon detects then reflects light projecting from the surrounding landscape, making the tent almost 99% imperceptible to the naked eye. The ingenious teardrop design supported by just three ultra-strong translucent lines means these one-man camping cocoons sit stable up to 50ft above the forest floor.  #InvisibleTent

Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailer

If Jay Gatsby ever went camping, this is what he'd be rocking. Introducing the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody-Tailgate Trailer. This decadently elegant mobile bar will bring a touch of class to any camping trip. Hand-crafted from reclaimed oak bourbon casks giving it that gorgeously rich aroma, this luxury fold out caravan is finished with sleek leather, artisan glassware, and a top-of-the-range entertainment system including flat-screen TV. The good people at Bulleit will even throw in a "year's supply" of bourbon and rye which should see even the Mad Men cast right. There's only two of these booze buggies for sale and unless you're blessed with spending power of a Russian oligarch, it's the humble fireside bottle of warm scrumpy for you. Alas, we can alwaysh... hiccup... dream.  #Bulleit

So, which one of these crazy camping inventions is a fiendishly facetious April Fools? Tweet us your answer with the hashtag of your fake pick, plus #AprilFoolsDay to be in with a chance of winning £50-worth of Cool Camping books.