Replace summer solstice camping with an 11am outdoor celebration

You may not be able to go camping this weekend but Cotswold Outdoor are still gathering campers together to celebrate the summer solstice

Campers are being encouraged to get outdoors this weekend and disconnect from their devices as they celebrate the longest day of the year.

While camping trips and weekend breaks still aren’t possible under current regulations, Cotswold Outdoor are encouraging the UK public to celebrate the start of summer and mark the longest day of the year by getting outside more briefly for Britain’s favourite snack time – Elevenses.

Whether it’s part of a day trip on two feet or two wheels, a short walk to the local park or retreating to the garden, the act of planning a small trip or activity can instantly boost your mood by giving you something to look forward to and providing a moment to stop and appreciate your natural environment, something campers know all to well.

On Saturday 20th June, at 11am sharp, Cotswold Outdoor will be ringing their invisible bell to signal that break-time has started. Asking people to put down their electronic devices, take in the view around them, before picking up a refreshing drink and snack of their choice.

One of a series of activities to encourage Britons to enjoy and document their time spent outdoors this June, Elevenses is part of Cotswold Outdoor’s ‘Solar Celebration’, with activities taking place in the week preceding the summer solstice and on the day itself.

These include a photography tutorial, a backcountry coffee class, afternoon yoga and a sunset soundscape – all hosted via Cotswold Outdoor’s social media channels and led by notable personalities and specialists.

For regular updates related to the event and to confirm your interest in joining Cotswold Outdoor for Elevenses visit their Solar Celebration Facebook event.

Why can't I go camping this weekend?

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