10 Ways Camping Will Be Different Post Lockdown

As the camping industry gears up for a return from 4th July in some parts of the UK, we have outlined 10 key changes you can expect from your camping holiday this summer.

Many of us are already looking forward to post-lockdown life following the Covid-19 outbreak, and even allowing ourselves to think about taking holidays. But there are obviously still concerns about coronavirus. So it's good to know that camping can offer a relatively safe and socially distanced holiday within the UK.

Ahead of campsites reopening this summer, we have put together a number of collections on Cool Camping so that you can easily find campsites introducing new safety measures, including:

Read on below as we break down some of the key differences campers can expect when pitching up post-lockdown...

1. Pitches 10 Metres Apart

One of the most important changes campers can expect to see from sites moving forward is a regulation for pitches to be spaced much further apart, to allow plenty of room for comfortable social distancing. This means that less campers will be on-site at a time, meaning plenty more privacy, space and peace and quiet for all campers.

2. Open Air Showers

Many campsites offered through Cool Camping already provide open air showers and we expect to see an increase in more sites introducing these facilities and, more importantly, more campers wanting to use them. Transmission of coronavirus is far less likely while outdoors, so campsites will be looking at reducing indoor environments as much as possible.

3. Hand Sanitising Stations

If we didn’t before (which we’re sure we all did) we certainly now all know the importance of regular hand washing. To assist with this, campsites will be providing hand sanitising stations throughout sites where campers can make sure to keep their hand hygiene topped up.

4. Private Toilets

A small but growing number of campsites will be introducing a private toilet per pitch, to drastically reduce the use of shared facilities and any risk of cross-contamination. We've rounded up a selection of campsites offering private toilets per pitch here.

5. Deep Cleaning

Of course one of the most important policies in place among campsites will be thorough and regular deep cleaning of all facilities and amenities to ensure everything is kept to the highest standard of cleanliness.

6. Contactless Check-In

Campers will be encouraged more and more to be booking online and making payments online, with cash unlikely to be accepted at some sites. Where possible, sites will be introducing entirely contactless check-in, with no need to interact with staff members or handle any documents. In line with this more digital documents will be coming into play such as online maps and arrival instructions sent to your phone.

7. Outdoor Reception Desks

At campsites where a reception does remain necessary, it’s likely reception desks while move outdoors to allow for more social distancing when interacting with staff members. And the campsite shop? Try a good old fashioned no-contact honest stall, already prevalent at smaller sites.

8. One at a Time Policies

One at a time policies and one-way systems will be introduced across shared facilities including washblocks and showers. In many campsites, guests may be asked to pre-book shower slots to ensure sole usage for everyone – which, on the plus side, means less time queuing. There may also be restrictions on shared facilities such as hot tubs and pools, so we recommend bringing more games, puzzles and imagination for entertainment this summer.

9. Outdoor Wash Facilities

Taps for washing up will also move outdoors to reduce the amount of time having to be spent in enclosed areas and allowing for social distancing. Remember to bring a basin this summer, as more campers will be encouraged to fill up a tub and head back to their pitch to do their washing up.

10. No Food Storage

Communal fridge and freezer facilities will be a no show, so make sure to bring a cool bag to keep your goodies chilled!

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Welcome back happy campers!