Is Easter too early for camping holidays?

The UK’s changing seasons and unpredictable weather can lead to long gaps between camping trips. If you love camping as much as we do, by early spring you’ll be chomping at the bit, awaiting your first opportunity to get the tent out. But is Easter too early for camping?

For the team at Cool Camping, the arrival of spring is marked by green shoots from the soil, trees coming in to leaf and not just lambs in the fields – but tents too. Some of our campsites are open year-round but the vast majority have shorter camping seasons and many fling open the gates around Easter time.

When is Easter anyway?

Of course, the actual date of Easter is a changeable beast which can make a difference to whether some campsites are open for it. Seasonal businesses like campsites and tourist attractions often re-open at the start of April after winter closures. Easter, however is determined by the moon – falling on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring equinox. In short, it varies year to year and can be as early as March 22nd or as late as April 25th. The date on which Easter arrives and what the weather is like will play a crucial part in whether you’re up for getting out there on your first camping trip of the year.

The joy of Easter camping

One thing is for certain; if the sun shines it’s hard to beat camping in the springtime and if Easter is late, spring will be in full swing. If you’re camping in or near woodland, spring flowers will be blossoming, trees will be coming in to leaf and birds will be all of a twitter. This is the time that the dawn chorus is at its best and if you’ve never experienced it, a camping trip is the easiest and best way to do so. Easter also brings school holidays and Bank Holidays so most of us can take a long weekend without using up annual leave. If you’re taking kids camping, the campsite offers the perfect place for an Easter egg hunt too. Bear in mind, however, that while good weather can’t be guaranteed at any time of the year, springtime can mean more uncertainty than the summer months so make like a scout and – be prepared.

Tips for camping at Easter

With the ever-present threat of April showers, if you’re camping at Easter, you’ll want to pack the waterproofs and wellies. It’s also a good idea to take a few layers so you won’t get chilly in the mornings and evenings – and extra blankets are a must. Pack board games and books to play under canvas if there’s a spot of rain and you might even find yourself enjoying the pitter patter of rain on the tent. Choose a campsite with campfires allowed and you can keep warm in the evenings toasting marshmallows and supping on hot chocolates. It’s also a good idea to know what’s in the local area before you go. Look out for all-weather attractions that might provide a bit of shelter if the heavens open during the day and maybe consider where the nearest place to eat under cover is. A campsite with a pub nearby can be a godsend if there’s a downpour at dinner time.

Easter glamping

But these days you don’t need to be the hardiest of campers to enjoy a camping trip at Easter – or even earlier in the year. The wealth of glamping sites and accommodation out there means that even the fairest of fair-weather campers can get out in the great outdoors, all year round. You can stay in a shepherd’s hut, yurt or gypsy wagon that’s warmed by a log burner while tucking in to your Easter eggs and watching lambs gambolling by the window. So, even if you don't fancy Easter camping, theres still an easy way to enjoy the same atmosphere without a tent.

Our Easter camping conclusion?

With glamping options, campsites with campfires to keep you warm and a little research into what's good to do nearby if it rains, theres plenty to making camping at Easter a perfectly fantastic thing to do. With many campsites offering Easter egg hunts, family activities and better prices than in the peak of summer it really is a truly special time to get outdoors (especially if you're at a campsite with lambs in the neighbouring meadow). The date of Easter may change but, in the eyes of the Cool Camping team, Easter is never too early for camping – just make sure you go prepared!