Camping recycling group pledges support to Scottish Mountain Rescue

Glasgow based recycling initiative, Camping Recycled, has announced a new charity partnership

Camping Recycled, the camping industry's leading recycling initiative based in Glasgow, has pledged to donate 1% of its profits to Scottish Mountain Rescue as part of an ongoing charity partnership. The funds raised will help support the rescue group, who manage 24 volunteer Mountain Rescue Teams across the nation, offering a world class, front line, voluntary search and rescue service that is available any hour, any day and in any weather.

Launched in 2008 by Scotland's own leading outdoor equipment manufacturer Vango, Camping Recycled is a project committed to minimising waste by giving outdoor kit a second life. From used production samples and recent display models to broken items or outdates bits of kit, the team do everything they can to get second hand tents, awnings, rucksacks and equipment, back into saleable condition so that they can be used again for new adventures.

Camping Recycled was one of the first initiatives to refurbish and sell used gear that would have otherwise gone to landfill and has long been championing the idea of re-using camping equipment and passing on for re-sale. If products are beyond repair, their highly experienced team strip off every component that can be used again and those parts are used to repair other products, ensuring nothing is wasted.

Vango Marketing Director, Rob Birrell told Cool Camping: “We are passionate about getting people outdoors and creating a sustainable future for the next generation, which is why we founded our Camping Recycled initiative. Ten years on, our team is bigger than ever and continues to take great pride in extending the life of products that would have otherwise gone to waste.”

“When looking for a charity to partner with this year, Scottish Mountain Rescue was top of our list.  The charity does an incredible job keeping outdoor enthusiasts safe throughout Scotland and, like us, the team are committed to helping people enjoy the outdoors safely. We hope that our donations will be able to go some way to ensuring that they can continue to provide such a valuable service to the Scottish community.”

Scottish Mountain Rescue is a registered charity providing support to volunteer mountain rescue teams since 1965. With over 1,000 volunteers and the Scottish Cave Rescue members, the charity delivers a much needed and valued rescue response 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Kev Mitchell, Vice-Chair at Scottish Mountain Rescue was appreciative to learn of Camping Recycled's support. “Our volunteers work in challenging and often hostile environments in all mountainous terrain across Scotland any day, any hour, any weather. We depend wholly on donations to maintain our world class service and the support pledged by the Camping Recycled team will undoubtedly help us to offer the best possible rescue service to all who need them.”

For more information on Scottish Mountain Rescue or to donate, visit their website.