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10 Handy Camping Accessories for Spring 2018

Camping season is on the way, so it's time to embrace your inner Bear Grylls. Whether you're an all-gadget camper or a minimalist who's just looking for a decent water bottle, we've been checking out some of the latest camping accessories to hit the market in 2018. From pocket-sized playing cards to neat knife sharpeners, here are a handful of our favourite finds for the season ahead...

1. The CasusGrill

The CasusGrill offers eco dining at its best, with its 100% natural, 100% disposable instant grill. Quick and easy to setup, you can cook up a storm before easily recycling the whole thing. Friends and family gather round anytime, anywhere, anyplace, offering up to 60 minutes of high heat, emitting 50% less CO2 then traditional disposable grills. Once tummy’s are full dispose of your Casus Grill by simply adding it to your bonfire, leaving nothing behind. Simple.

From £7.99 from The Fowndry.

The CasusGrill

2. The Panoramic Remote Phone Stand

While you’re enjoying the rolling hills and panoramic cliff tops of your surroundings, capture the special moments shake free with this handy fold out stand allowing you to capture stunning, high quality shots on the go. For any budding photographer simply attach your phone, camera or GoPro to the rotating stand. Then use the remote to easily use a full 360-degree rotation, panning left or right, fast or slow.

From £23.96 from The Original Gift Company.

Panoramic Phone Stand With Remote Control

3. Muncher Titanium Multi Utensil

This all-in-one, lightweight multi tool is one for the kit bag. From day to night, you'll be well prepared for all potential eventualities with this alternative to the old Swiss Army Knife. Equipped with 10 awesome functions including; spork, serrated knife, fire starter, peeler, can opener, bottle opener, pry bar, box cutter, cord cutter and flat head screwdriver. Plus it all weighs in at just 22 grams! Made from quality titanium it's practical, smart and has an easy-clean finish.

£39.99 from The Fowndry.

CThe Muncher Titanium Multi Utensil

4. The AnySharp Tactical Knife Sharpener

Supremely robust, no matter your adventure, be ready for action with this handy little knife sharpener. Built to withstand the pressures of the outdoors, the aluminium body is both durable and rust resistant. The process is quick and easy, in just 3 to 4 light strokes you can sharpen any blade in seconds creating the perfect edge every time, whether it’s from a pen, hunting or tactical knife.

£13.99 from Amazon.

The AnySharp Tactical Knife Sharpener

5. The OS Map GPS System

Last month, Ordnance Survey announced the launch of four new GPS devices designed for walking, hiking and off-road cycling. A first for OS, each design comes with up to 12 tiles of OS’s world-class leisure mapping, giving access to continuously updated maps on the scale that you need, and comes with an inbuilt safety tracking ‘SeeMe’ option, sending out a beacon to those you choose. All devices are IP67 rated, resistant to dust, water, and extreme temperatures (-10˚–60˚C) and include both touchscreen and buttons.

From £370 from Blacks.co.uk – Use discount code COOLCAMPING20 for an extra 20% OFF

The OS Map GPS System

6. The Cafflano Kompresso

For all those mighty coffee enthusiast give yourself that buzz of energy to kick start a day of trekking with the world’s lightest and most compact handheld espresso maker! Perfect for on the go this doesn’t mean you should compromise on an average cuppa as your sure to enjoy the tastiest brew around with this smart system. Easy to clean and easy to use, convenience is key with this handy little gadget.

£64.99 from The Fowndry.

The Cafflano Kompresso

7. The Tegstove

As featured on BBC Dragon’s Den, The Tegstove uses a thermoelectric generator and revolutionary design to create and store electrical energy while cooking, to charge mobile device or to store for later use. A camping stove first and and foremost, it’s is an efficient, stable and reliable cooking system that also features USB ports with power generated through clever opposing thermodynamics. Science at its finest. It's not brand spanking new – we reviewed its launch last year – but it's getting a lot of attention for spring 2018.

£120 from Blacks.co.uk – Use discount code COOLCAMPING20 for an extra 20% OFF

The Tegstove

8. The Maniska Mini Camping Lantern

It’s no longer a fight against the clock for sunlight when you have this handy camping lantern to guide the way. A high quality and durable piece of kit offering three light modes and a two-in-one design, transform from a torch to a hanging lantern in a matter of minutes simply by untwisting the light (and you can hang it using the loop provided). Just add three AAA batteries and your set for your next road trip, no matter where the road takes you.

£12.04 from 7 Day’s To Shop

The Maniska Mini Camping Lantern

9. The ION8 Quench 1000ml Water Bottle

With the Ion8 Quench there is no chance of you going thirsty after a day of hiking in the baking heat. Designed to fit your standard bike bottle holder or adult backpack your good to go with a whopping 1000ml. The Quench offers a comfortable fit, is soft to touch and uses a frosted exterior making it resistant to scratching, perfect for exploring. Not to mention the added hand strap which keeps it secure for those outdoor pursuits. 100% leak proof, 100% of the time.

£15.99 from LeakProof.

ION8 Quench 1000ml Water Bottle

10. Air Deck Playing Cards

As the world's first truly travel optimized set of playing cards waterproof, compact, lightweight, and durable, this high quality set of 52 playing cards and 2 jokers makes the ideal party piece when boredom strikes, sure to entertain both the children and adults alike. Incredibly resistant to the wear and tear of the outdoors the cards measure just 87mm x 32mm taking up the smallest space in your backpack.

£8.99 from The Fowndry.

Air Deck Playing Cards 
April 2018