The Great British Rain Calculator

Predict the weather for your next British camping holiday

Remember that old saying? The one about packing for every eventuality?

The one that encourages you to pack an anorak, base layers, wellington boots, an umbrella, and galoshes for a short 4-night camping trip in August. Because, well, you never know.

Now, thanks to Cool Camping, you don’t have to. Whilst we can’t promise blue skies and glorious sunshine, we can now provide you with a better idea about what the weather is going to be like for your upcoming camping trip.

Enter the ‘Great British Rainfall Calculator’.

We’ve analysed 10 years of Met Office data to find out which days of the year are the driest and rainiest in the UK for a night under canvas, helping you to predict the unpredictable.

Choose an upcoming date and region across Great Britain, and the calculator will provide you with the likelihood of rain. Handy, right?

Forget April showers, as April is in fact the driest month of the year for the UK as a whole – averaging daily rainfall of just 2mm and less than 45% chance of rain across the entire month.

It is actually November that any fair-weather campers looking to visit sites in England and Wales should avoid, with both experiencing the highest chance of rainfall during this month, at 62%.

But the single worst date for a night under canvas in these countries is actually 5th October, which has an average of 6.7mm of rainfall. A considerable amount of drizzle when compared to their driest day of the year, May 19th, which has only 0.5mm of precipitation on average.

Scotland’s and Northern Ireland’s rainiest month, however, is December, which offers a 75% and 58% chance of rainfall respectively.

And to avoid having your spirits seriously dampened, avoid leap year in Scotland, as February 29th is the country’s single wettest day with an average of 11mm of rainfall. Good job that the date doesn’t come around very often!

In fact, back in 2016, Scotland had a staggering 21mm of rainfall on February 29th. According to the BBC, the winter of 2015/2016 was the country’s wettest on record. We’re not surprised. That is seriously soggy stuff. Perhaps a time to choose pod glamping over any under canvas escapes.

Those wanting to experience Scotland’s drier weather should wait a couple of months and head up north on 24th May when the country averages only 0.87mm of precipitation.

And we know that not everyone wants to camp all year long, with many preferring to sleep alfresco in the spring and summer only. Surprisingly, out of these months, August has the highest chance of rain for the UK as a whole, with a 60% chance of rain and a 3.5mm average.

Surprised? Yeah, us too.

So what are you waiting for? Put in your desired date and location and let’s find out if you’re likely to be a happy – or rather soggy – camper!