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Glamping & Luxury Camping

Glamping, or luxury camping, is more popular than ever and with tree houses, pods, bell tents, yurts, shepherd's huts and even converted London buses on offer, there's plenty of variety. Our growing collection of high-quality glamping options in the UK, France, Spain and the rest of Europe are hand-picked by the Cool Camping team, so you can be sure of a great holiday. 

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Glamping Accommodation

There's no one-size-fits-all approach all when it comes to glamping accommodation and you'll quickly come to find that there's a huge variety of options out there. Across the channel in France and Europe, where the climate is generally warmer in the summer months, canvas options await in abundance. Safari tents are a popular choice with families – large, airy and divided into separate rooms, they provide space for children as well as the grown ups and stay cool in the summer sun. Bell tents (perhaps the most classic glamping structure) are popular for similar reasons, though are smaller in size and often more suited to couples. Yurts, meanwhile, offer a chic appearance and wonderfully romantic feel, they're a great choice if you want luxury and charm combined. While these three forms of accommodation are similarly found here in the UK, the Great British weather also means there are plenty of more hard-topped alternatives available too. Shepherd's huts, gypsy caravans and all-weather pods provide more year-round accommodation, with cosy, insulated interiors that will keep you warm even in the dead of winter. Many also come with wood-burning stoves to keep things extra snug. Finally, of course, there's also a whole host of glamping structures that can't be boxed into a specific genre. Treehouses come in all shapes, sizes and levels of luxury, while other quirky glamping finds include converted double-decker buses, ex-RAF helicopters, re-configured train carriages and cleverly transformed horse-boxes. Yes, when it comes to glamping, you'll never be short of cool ideas. And, to discover the best of them, you've come to the right place. Browse the Cool Camping website now to discover the greatest glamping wonders that are out there right now.

Glamping Articles and Inspiration

What do we look for in a glamping site? Well, there are no set rules here at Cool Camping but we aim to showcase glampsites that have a certain je ne sais quoi, whether that be a special couples glamping retreat in Cornwall or a unique family glamping getaway in the south of France. From the high hills to the shores of the great European rivers, we're always on the hunt for cool places to stay and awesome glamping experiences to write about. Get inspired by our most recent blogs and discover our latest travel tips to find out more.