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Cool Camping Partners Contact

This page is for partners who have questions about their listing on the Cool Camping website or their setup on the Bedful system which powers Cool Camping behind the scenes.

Get the latest updates

If you'd like to stay up to date with Cool Camping, you can follow us on twitter and instagram, and visit our facebook page.

Coronavirus Questions

If you have questions about coronavirus, please see our latest travel advice for UK holidays on our Coronavirus FAQ page on Cool Camping, or if you are using Bedful, you can also consult the more extensive advice for partners on the Bedful Coronavirus FAQ.

Questions about Bedful Setup

If you have a listing on Bedful - the property management system behind Cool Camping, please read the Bedful help guide to see if your question is answered there before contacting us.

List your camping or glamping site

To list your site, please contact us using our signup form and give us some details about your site, including the kind of camping and/or glamping that you offer and your location. Cool Camping uses the Bedful system to manage listings.

Support for existing partners

If you have a question which isn't answered above, you can contact us at enquiries@coolcamping.com.