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White Horse Gypsy Caravans

UK England South West England Wiltshire Swindon

  • Short walk to pub
  • Good walks nearby
Life on the open road, great overnight camping spots. Freedom.

When you first clamber up the wooden steps and through the door of this traditional vardo, you’ll be amazed at how tiny it is. It seems sacrilegious to mess it all up with your family trappings, which look so garish against the delicate hand-painted wood and dainty gingham curtains. While there’s no denying it’s a squeeze, stow things away and suddenly you’ll find that you’re in the Tardis.

Getting your trusty steed tacked up, ready for the road, is not as speedy as a car’s mirror-signal-manoeuvre, but hearing the creak of the wooden wheels, the clop of the horse’s hooves, you’ll soon be rocking gently into chillsville.

Your three days are spent plodding through White Horse, stone and crop-circle country, so the place has a special aura. This manifests most strongly at night, especially when you’re star-gazing, camped in an open field with a stream trickling near by. You’re provided with a real-live groom, who is as hands-on, or -off, as you want, but appears like a lucky charm within minutes of any call for assistance.

Frankly, the only setback could come at the end of your holiday, if your kids decide that actually they would quite like to live in a gypsy caravan all the time, pleeease.



Plodding along the open road in your own house-on-wheels, with your horse doing all the hard graft. Taking it in turns to hold the reins. Waving to passers-by. Admiring pretty thatched cottages. Having a go at bareback-riding in the field at one of the stops, with the groom’s approval. The pull-out bed at the back of the caravan sleeps 2 adults (though traditionally this would have slept 2 adults plus the kids). There’s room on the floor for a mattress for small ones – or you can take a tent along for them. A vast array of cosy bedding is stashed away. There’s a 2-ring gas stove for basic cooking and kettle-boiling, as well as a small electric light. Beneath the caravan is all you need for a BBQ, from charcoal to pans fit for purpose. The service is outstanding, as a cool bag is provided and your groom will drop off newly frozen ice blocks – twice a day if necessary. Your horse is also provided with a bucket, so don’t forget to give Jack or Ned plenty of water. All you need to bring, apart from your sense of adventure, is towels, snacks and breakfast plus wet-weather clothes and wellies. If you’re wondering about ablutions – you have access to a bathroom at ‘base camp’ on the first and last night and there’s a portaloo awaiting you in the field on night 2. And for other times of day, if you’re not near a pub, bushes abound. The static wagon is one of three in the beautiful grounds of Kate's Cottage in Alton Priors. One is used entirely for horse-drawn holidays, with the other two being used for both static and horse-drawn holidays. Each static wagon has a gravelled pitch and hazel hurdle fence for privacy, a picnic table and a fire bowl. All have the use of ground floor bathroom facilities in the house. The wagons (each sleeping 2 adults and a child) can be booked simultaneously to accommodate larger groups. The wagons are warm, cosy and comfortably equipped with bed linen, cutlery, cups and plates and LED light.

Suitable For

Glampers, kids and couples - yes. Tents, campervans, (your own) caravan and dogs - no.


The itinerary is set in stone, so that you and the horse can get to certain points at specific times for rest, relaxation or running around – especially the predestined overnight camping spot. The ancient stone circle of Avebury (01672 539250) is in the vicinity, so some families visit it before or after their ‘life on the open road’ experience.

Food & Drink

The itinerary is based around family-friendly pubs with good grub, all in beautiful country settings. You’ll visit the Barge Inn at Honeystreet (01672 851705), which is a 10-minute walk from base camp. The Golden Swan in Wilcot (01672 562289) sell quality, Wadworths Real Ales as well as a variety of beers, ciders, spirits and soft drinks. Then there’s the Seven Stars at Bottlesford (01672 851325) and finally The Woodbridge Inn at North Newnton (01980 630266). There are no shops en route, but if you’ve forgotten something, just ring Polly or her groom and they’ll grab it for you and deliver it at the next pit stop.



Family Friendly

As you’ll be travelling along country lanes with traffic, if you have particularly hyperactive or very young children, this may not be for you.

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Contact White Horse Gypsy Caravans, Kate’s Cottage, Alton Priors, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 4JX

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Getting There

You start from the base at Alton Priors. Directions on booking. The nearest train station is Pewsey. The owners will pick you up from the station by arrangement, or take a Connect2Wiltshire bus (08456 525255).


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