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Burnbake Campsite

UK England South West England Dorset Swanage & Isle of Purbeck

Rempstone, Corfe Castle, Wareham, Dorset BH20 5JH

Relaxed vibe at this sylvanian campsite, a cycle ride from Studland Bay

There are those rare occasions when you arrive at a site and within minutes know that you’d like to stay all season. Burnbake is one of these instantaneous hits. Its many plus points quickly add up to create a vibe so agreeable that, before you know it, you’re down at the office negotiating a second week’s stay. Children in particular will love being able to run free through the woods, swing on the rope tyre, climb in wooden boats or build dams in the stream.

There are no designated pitches among Burnbake’s woodland site – 12 acres of secluded, level ground, complete with burbling stream – so have a nose around to find a suitable nook or cranny. During high summer it can be busy, and as a result it’s not the quietest site, but there are some more peaceful places to pitch away from the main circuit.

In low season it’s quieter and at any time of year it’s a prime location for the National Trust Studland beaches and for exploring the Isle of Purbeck, particularly on bike or foot.You can also cycle to Swanage or Wareham avoiding the main roads, or indeed to Corfe Castle itself, which is an iconic and uplifting old ruin.

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The lovely cycle to Studland and being able to light a fire, (in a hired fire pit, £5 per night)

I camped here a few years ago and loved the secluded woodland pitches by the stream, now sadly given over to expensive lodges. There is still access to the stream but you feel you are imposing a bit on the lodge inhabitants. This leaves only the two large open fields or the woodland areas in the middle part. We stayed on a busy weekend at the end of May half term in glorious weather so the site was packed! especially in the wooded areas. it is not a cheap campsite, and despite the new shower and toilet block, there were long queues in the mornings for showers and wash basins.The biggest problem we encountered was having to prevent our young children from being run over by the cars constantly driving through the site. There is very poor provision for a play area for children as all the open spaces are filled with pitches and cars, just a small rather sad, unadventurous, dusty play area near the shop and toilets, having spent so much on the lodges and facilities, a little thought could go into providing a decent play area. But the numerous cars (including our three of course) take up a huge amount space and are a constant danger to small children. I noticed cars DRIVING to the shop and toilets!! I feel campers, myself included would accept that cars could be driven only to set up camp and then should be left in a car park at the top of the site, possibly provided with trolleys ( which I have seen in other sites) to transport equipment. This would provide not only more pitches but a safe central play area could be assigned. Not sure if we will return to Burnbake, it was a bit too stressful keeping an eye on a two and a half year old so he didn't get mown down by the constant flow of passing vehicles, and a bit more privacy would be a bonus.
Jun 14, 2018 by barbara Gray

Wonderful and relaxing

Have stayed here a few times this year... Although there are changes to this site, we almost didn't return due to negative comments below, we're so glad we we did! Fantastic Burnbake! Relaxing and a great site...pop up cafe is great. Have a great time close to the coast!
Aug 9, 2016 by Ginger


I try not to dislike change but Burnbake is unrecognisable, my boys have asked me to look for somewhere else in the area .... all the best play areas have disappeared.

Jun 6, 2016 by SJ

Not our Burnbake anymore!

Used to love this site as did all of our friends. We used to be able to camp hidden away in the woodland but no more due to the lodges being built in the best camping areas. Now all you have got is the central field and the events field. Dont get me wrong its still nice but not as magical as it used to be. There is also no play area fir the kids anymore and no access to the river and woodland due to the lodges where the kids used to play. One good thing is you can have camp fires and still go in the woods and collect your own fire wood. overall i would still go to Burnbake but it really has lost that magical touch. 

Jun 1, 2016 by nichider


This used to be one of the best campsites in the UK for those who liked authentic camping, unregimented, fires in the evening. But the owners have seen fit to build two storey timber lodges over a large part of the site, irreversibly changing the character of the place for the worse. It's an absolute tragedy what has happened.  If you used to go to Burnbake in years past but haven't been in the past 12 months, prepare to be completely dismayed by what they have done.

Sep 27, 2015 by Andy5000


For years Burnbake has been our favourite site however recent visit this summer changed this view. Unfortunately Burnbake has decided to go a bit "upmarket" cutting off a large chunk of the camping area and building luxury lodges. They have fenced these off so children can no longer go playing where they always used to play. 

Also camping charges have gone up and are more than indicated here (hopefully cool camping will update shortly). With charges up you would expect better but facilities were dirty and it was best to bring your own loo roll.

We used to have such great time at Burnbake that it's hard to say it no longer is our favourite site. Our kids still enjoyed the few days we stayed, they spotted the rabbits they go looking for each year and enjoyed their stay. We are now looking for our new favourite campsite in the woods that the commercial world hasn't taken over yet. 

Jul 30, 2015 by Charlie

pros and cons

First off, I like this campsite; however, at high-season it is noisy and packed - kind of like camping at a music festival. I'd recommend visiting outside of the school summer holidays or bringing some ear-plugs with you. That said, it is extremely relaxed, both in atmosphere and rules, which has its pros and cons.

Jul 12, 2015 by tim_t

Nice place

Nice place, good facilities. Will visit again.

Jun 9, 2015 by Beakie

Lovely site in woodland

Great. Camp where you can find a spot (which might be difficult sometimes) and there's no booking. When we arrived on bikes (tired) the staff told us they were full but let us look and we found somewhere. Play area is good for children and there's a stream with rope swings as well. Lots of children riding bikes. Nice showers and toilets and we liked the café.

Apr 17, 2015 by smallwheelsteve

lovely popular site

Stayed here in September and also a couple of years ago, both times for a few days.  It's a great site, very relaxed as everyone says, and great for kids.  They can just cycle around and play in the playground and tree swings and streams. Facilities including the shop are good and the staff very friendly and helpful.  It does get a bit noisy at sometimes, even though there are campsite rules on noise at night, they don't seem to enforce them.  And I can see it would be very crowded in the summer holidays.  Since you can't book, you just have to take your chances and hope there's a pitch when you turn up.

Oct 7, 2014 by nw01


Immediately loved the relaxed vibe of the place, when we pulled up in our camper and were told to park wherever we found a place, great news for those exhausted by over regulation. Within minutes my daughter had joined the tribe of children who left parents behind while they played, built, swung, ran and enjoyed a delicious freedom they cannot experience anywhere else. We saw our daughter briefly, for meals and at dark when it was time for bed. It feels, and is, totally safe, it feels very communal and everyone is friendly and laid back. The wooded location is excellent and great as a base for long walks along the coast and there is Monkey World for the kids to spend a day at. Facilities are good, showers clean, a shop open long enough for the essentials and there is the Yurt café for the evenings you don’t feel like stove cooking. Great value for money and we never experienced any of the noise problems that other reviewers have mentioned. A site worth visiting - especially if you have children.
Aug 31, 2014 by daisy

Great - but would you go back?

Burnbake is great but, and it's a big but, it is frequently overcrowded. The site managers don't turn people away when they are full and this leads to frequent overcrowding. For several years we kept going back but now limit our visits to outside school holidays...

Aug 2, 2014 by stu b

Real camping

Just returned from a 7 night stay as a family of 4. We almost didn't come to this site dueto reviews  on the noise people have experienced at night. We are glad we did come as it's turkey a magical sure full of charm  and what camping should be! Out children loved it but as others suggest pack plenty of spare clothes for them they will need it but what fun they have, again back to basic fun, woods, tyre swings, rope swings , steams and safe environment.  The fact you can have camp fires was a real bonus and possibly what swung it for us. Facilities are good and staff work very hard to keep them clean , shop is good could do with staying open longer. The only thing that needs to be looked at is no one really checks on the noise volume or how close tents are. People on the whole were good and considerate but u always get one or two who go over the top, the relaxed camping at this site is appealing but the lack of sleep due to inconsiderate neighbours needs to be addressed. This site is a real camp site with a totally relaxed and magical feel to it well done to all who make it successful 

Jul 25, 2014 by kristy

Another world

Like some of the other reviewers we live locally so were using it as our first camping trip as a family of four, our children being almost 1 and 3 years old. Despite the weekend being the start of the school holidays we had a choice of pitches though we did arrive at midday on the Friday and the forecast was thunderstorms... which did come later that night! The site did fill up but it never felt overly busy with still plenty of space for children and adults to play, enough for one group to set up a volleyball net! We loved the site, nice and chilled, woodland walks, clean facilities and friendly staff. Despite the closeness to our home we felt we were on a proper holiday with all the worries of the real world a million miles away....we will be back! 

Jul 22, 2014 by Rachel

burnbake campsite

This was my first visit to the site and I found that every one was so laid back, they came round to you when they had time to sort out payment not like other sites where you cant get in till you pay, and £10 for 1 person +car + tent per night made it a worth while long weekend.Both the shop and the eating facilities did not over charge like some places.I will be booking to go back.
Jul 14, 2014 by Andrew


This is a great campsite if you don't like rules, love trees and want good value for money. Not too crowded but the people who seem to go there are very relaxed and it has a magical feel. Despite the low rates (£13 for a camper van and two adults) the facilities are excellent.

Jun 17, 2014 by Denis Dijon

great place for kids

Burnbake is a great campsite for kids.  you have the choice of wooded, secluded areas or open fields.  the rope swing over the creek is a favourite with the kids and the facilities are clean.  The surrounding area is great for day trips to the beach, or even a historical visit to Corfe Castle.  Very easy going vibe.  

May 15, 2014 by Sambarter

Firelight and stars

This was our second visit to Burnbake and was possibly even better than last time.  It was the week before Easter and, although quite busy, there was still plenty of great places to park our VW camper-van.  It is really worth doing what the site suggests and walking around before settling as there are lots of good corners to choose.

It is also a real treat to be able to have a fire (so long as it is raised off the ground in a fire bowl - either your own or hired from the shop) - it was very atmospheric as dusk fell with wreaths of smoke, moon rising and children playing in the woods.  The facilities are good and clean, and there is a cafe for tea/coffee/ bacon butties.

The very best thing is that you can access the Forestry Commission land from the campsite and walk to Studland, or Agglestone Rock - we were out for hours and saw very few people until we got to the beach1

May 14, 2014 by Julie Watkins

Woodland haven

We spent a very busy Easter weekend in Burnbake in our new camper. After dismissing lots of higher priced new forest campsites we came here instead on the strength of cool camping reviews.

Camp shop is good and well stocked but only open for limited hours morning and evening. Personally I think that is good, allowing those in charge to do something more worthwhile - but maybe not everyone's expectation.

This is a fantastic place for adventurous kids - open woods surround the site and streams, rope swings result in inevitable wet children, 

Only gripe of mine is cycle track from campsite gets to busy main road 1 mile short of stud land which was not much good to us with young off road specialists. That's not the campsites problem however - and probably a harsh loss of a star. 

Apr 25, 2014 by graeme

Perfect escape!

This campsite is a mere 7 miles from my house and we used it as a trial run for our campervan - not so far away if we broke down and needed rescuing, but we crossed the chain-link ferry and instantly felt we were a million miles away.  

We stayed on a beautiful mid-week in June, the weather was stunning and the campsite wasn't very busy (kids were still at school); we picked a pitch in the middle of some trees out of line of site of the main pitches, but still only a 3 min walk to the wee shop and toilets.  It was the perfect mix of convenience and isolation!  Just what we wanted!

The area is lovely and we ventured off each day to sample the delights of the local area such as the steam railway, some coastal kayaking and sight-seeing.  We returned each evening to walk the dog in the lovely surroundings.

The staff were very helpful and friendly and were able to offer plenty of helpful advice and tips!  

Reasonably priced, laid-back and dog friendly - a five-star site in one of the most beautiful locations in the UK (although I'm biased - I only live down the road!)

Apr 7, 2014 by Ally Middleton

Ideal site for kids and adults alike!

Upon entering the site, I almost turned around to leave, but after continuing past the open fields, I had a great feeling about Burnbake.  We arrived after the August bank holiday weekend and enjoyed camping in the woods.  No reception, just turn up and pitch.  The staff walks around during the day to collect fees and tie a coloured ribbon onto paid tents.  The children rode their bikes around and lost themselves in the woodland area burying treasure maps.  They also loved all the rope/tire swings found throughout the campsite.  The staff was very friendly and the customer service was great.  The little shop is stocked with all the basics, plus more.  You're able to charge your phones, freeze your ice packs, and hire a picnic table.  No phone reception. Definitely want to go back.  Too bad there aren't more Burnbakes throughout the UK.

Oct 7, 2013 by sottonamies


Went for a quick break in late September. Super site, very quiet though they clearly cater for very large numbers in high season. The solo and family area is amongst trees, very attractive. Hot water all the time despite the few clients. Facilities cleaned regularly. Very close to Poole, Corfe, Studland, Swanage, Wareham and an easy drive to Durdle Door. Highly recommended.

Oct 6, 2013 by canvasmad

Burnbake Bank Holiday

A really lovely campsite.  Loads of space for children to run about and enjoy themselves. Excellent little shop.  Loo and shower block clean but the showers were a bit cool.  We went August Bank holiday and it was HEAVING!  But we still had a huge area in the event field with space for 5 large tents in a circle with a fire pit in the middle.  In such a lovely area - we walked to Studland Beach - about 3 miles.  Only 5 mins in the car to Corfe Castle where you can get the train to Swanage.

Sep 10, 2013 by Kate Garrett

Wonderful forest site

This is a beautiful campsite.  We really enjoyed that there are no set pitches and you can find your own spot under the trees.  The site is large but the trees really break it up and you forget that there are lots of other people camping around you.  The facilities were really good too. Definately worth a visit.

Aug 21, 2013 by Jayne

Burnbake Group Camping

This is the perfect site for large groups.  They have a 4 acre group field which is only occupied around the edges, leaving the middle empty and open for massive team sports such as cricket, football etc..  When you have 14 boys in one group - space like this is a blessing!  They provide shallow fire pits with metal barrels for real fires.  An essential for me when camping.  Good shop, friendly people.  Showers bit hit and miss temperature-wise, but hot on the whole.  Also woodland areas for children to explore and cycle around.  My kids absolutely love it - bring bikes if you can.  There are several National Trust beaches nearby, so don't forget your NT membership card if you want to park for free.

Aug 19, 2013 by Donna Taplin

Burnbake Campsite

Found this campsite about 4 days before we were planning to off for the weekend and decided to give it a go even though we were a bit concerned about getting a pitch. So glad we did as it is just the sort of camping we love. Nestled between the trees next to a stream with a rope swing and just across from the is a child's idea of heaven. Hardly saw our 6 year old son and when we did he usually came back for a change of clothes. So be warned, take plenty!!!!! The owners and staff are very relaxed and friendly. We will be visiting again.

Jul 8, 2013 by The Ellimans

Burnbake Campsite

Love love love this site! Been going to Burnbake since I was about 7 and now continue our regular weekends there with my own 7 and 4 year olds and friends and family! A group of us have booked an annual camp in the big field four years in a row and always choose the spot closest to the main site for convenience. This site is a gem if you happen to do a last minute trip when the weather is not necessarily forecast good - we have often ended up there on a fairly quiet site with unforcast amazing weather! The facilities are good with free showers and hot water and they are regularly monitored. Tis a perfect place if you fancy a bit of basic camping. The shop is well stocked with regular Danish pastry deliveries too! Burnbake is generally our last minute weekend trip as its quite close for us, but I never want to leave on a Sunday! The staff are friendly and the atmosphere is lovely. The only downside is too many people know about it these days so it can get quite busy at peak times! Love the fact you can have a raised fire in the evenings too! 

Burnbake rocks! 

May 24, 2013 by oakers

Fantastic site, pack wellies

This is only a 2nd time camping and have already been well and truly bitten by the bug! We’d had our eye on this site for a while. Had a perfect 3 days (2nights) there, despite the mixed weather. My 6 year old made friends within 5minutes of getting there and loved exploring the woods and stream. Nice little shop, toilets and showers were fine. will be returning next summer for a longer stay.
Aug 30, 2012 by jontread

Burnbake Campsite

Great camp site in a great location. We spent ages looking round for a perfect pitch and found a nice little secluded bit at the bottom of the site. If it’s busy weekend it would be advisable to get there as early as you can as the site filled up later on. Facilities were generally good but quite busy at peak times. There are cycle paths next to the camp site and we cycled all the way to poole one day via the ferry (quite a treck but pretty flat). Good location for exploring Corfe Castle
Mar 19, 2012 by mizzgreen

Burnbake Campsite

Visited here as a couple and on driving in almost turned around and left. It looked very run down and untidy and it was quite crowded. But after driving around we found a lovely spot in amongst the trees and decided to give it a go.

I'm glad we did as the site had a lovely feel to it and we thoroughly enjoyed our weekend camping here. We were sat outside the tent on Saturday night, with a small fire (allowed if off the ground in a container), a carpet of stars above us and the sound of a steam train in the background.

The toilet block is generous and was better than some I have used and given that you are camping amongst trees and in a field the amount of mud on the floor was acceptable. The showers are roomy and the water was hot. The ladies facilities were apparently a mess but that was only because there was a school on the events field and the girls had treated the facilities with less respect than they should have.

If you want tarmaced roads, shower and toilet blocks with spotless floors and a warden dashing round hushing you off to bed at 10pm then pay over £20 per night and go to a Forest Holidays campsite. If you want a relaxed site, with more than acceptable facilities and to be treated like grownups by the site owners then pay your £10 per night and come here instead.

We will be going back.

Sep 19, 2011 by pentlandsl

Burnbake Campsite

We have been going to the this campsite for 6 years and every year we return hoping that the facilities have been updated. The setting is lovely, as is the freedom that the children have, but the facilities are not good.

The cleanliness of the showers and toilets is poor and the lottery of whether you are going to get scalding or feezing cold water when you do shower make it difficult to spend more than a few days. We stay on an adjoining field as we are in a large group, porterloos are provided, but are unusable within a day or two as they are only cleaned half way through the weak. It is a shame, the site it always jam packed, if a little of the money was spent on updating the facilities it would make all the difference.

Aug 7, 2011 by fbick

Burnbake Campsite

We love this place, open woods, swings for the kids, walks for the dogs in the adjacent woods and all set in one of the most beautiful areas in the country. No marked pitches, just turn up and camp, sounds idillic but the reality is somewhat different. The site operates an answerphone service which you ring on the day you are arriving, they then tell you if the site is full or not. So there you are all packed and ready to go, call and find out they are fully booked. It is only then that you find out that every other site for 100miles around is fully booked as well.

It is a fantastic place though, a cycle ride from the beach and a fantastic ridge walk to the village of Corfe Castle or, for the more adventureous, Swanage in the other direction. Wareham is a 10 minute drive away with a supermarket and the usual small high street shops.

After years of visiting this site we are calling it a day, at least during the high season. Such a shame because the place is so wonderfull. Great for an off season short break but really not suitable for a summer holiday due to the sites refusal to accept bookings. Would have given it 5 stars but if going there is not possible then even the three I have given it is generous.

Jul 29, 2011 by thesmythes

Burnbake Campsite

ingredients-rupert bear woodland,4 lively kids,one old tent and bbq and you’re in heaven.burnbake is one of those little national treasures we should keep quiet but just cant - a little piece of heaven in dorset.lovely walks,swanage and corfe nearby-all you need is george the dog and ginger beer!we loved it and some!..
Jun 7, 2011 by rachelallard

Burnbake Campsite

Went with our three children last weekend as a treat. They dissappeared as soon as the car came to a stop and happily entertained themselves swinging over a stream until we got the tent sorted out. Pitched between some ancient oaks with lots of space and a long way from any other tent. Bring a map as it backs on to forestry with lots of paths to explore - unless you get lost like us! Absolutely stunning! We’ll be going back.
Sep 13, 2010 by peterc
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