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A children’s paradise with scenery for the adults. And no tourers.

This is a great site for kids. It ticks all their campsite boxes and probably a few more besides. Campfires are not only allowed, but positively encouraged in selected areas, with bags of logs complete with kindling and firelighters sold onsite each evening. Owner Mike takes a ‘We like you to succeed’ approach – just don’t forget to pack the marshmallows. The first thing that meets you on arrival is the pond, fed by a stream and usually full of children playing on tyre rafts – it makes a perfect focal point for kids to get to know each other. The playground has everything your young outwardbounder desires in the way of zip wires, climbing frames, tyre-ropeswings and adventure courses. And there’s an added extra: the site sits along the route of the Ravenglass and Eskdale steam railway line – a fab way to arrive if you’re coming by public transport. So if you’ve walked into the nearby hamlet of Boot and there are some tired little legs as a result, hop on board for a scenic choo-choo trip back to camp. For the adults, the site is in the heart of the Eskdale valley, a quieter part of the Lake District, far from its hustle and bustle. Rugged, bracken-clad fells, woods and grazing sheep provide a splendid backdrop to rest your eyes on when you do eventually find time to relax.

The Owner Says

Fisherground is set in Eskdale, a spectacular valley on the western side of the Lake District, a quiet and peaceful spot that welcomes families and walkers. We've been voted in the Top 18 of the '50 World Best Campsites' chosen by the Independent Newspaper. We have rafts on the pond, a tree house, zip wire, Tarzan ropes, and an adventure course, all of which helped to place us Top 4 in the 'Children's Enjoyment' sub-category. Pitch up in our peaceful spot and enjoy a relaxing break at our scenic site.


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Great stay in a newly furbished campsite

We visited this campsite in April of this year (2015) and they are finalizing their newly built shop, located at the entrance point of the campsite. Being a working sheep farm alongside this campsite they utilize this to sell they farmed products. The shop also provide a great range of goods that you might need while camping or heading out into the wilderness of the lakes.

There is also 2 Pubs which are of a very high quality next door, with one selling additional fresh produce. the campsite is very picturesque and well maintained. 

Highly recommended! 

Sep 4, 2015 by mward213

Great experience

this was my very first time camping and I was impressed! It was also my two sons first camping trip (ages 15 & 11) and they also loved it too. This campsite is very family friendly however my eldest son found the many younger kids running past, annoying. My youngest son made lots of friends.

The scenery is spectacular, definitely picked the best campsite in the area. Very clean. Warden controlled and helpful. Another couple had been touring campsites around the country and they said this one was the best so far! Also pubs nearby are very friendly, child and dog friendly and do fab food.

My only downside was we had family who lived in the area and they would've had to pay £2.50 per person and dog to visit us so we had to meet them off the site. 

Aug 7, 2015 by Fairy dust

Children will like this place

Forewarned is forearmed, and after reading the excellent reviews from this site I think our expectations were well set.  The campsite is run like a tight ship and the plus-side to the rules (and enforcement) is that it did feel like a safe place for our young kids to roam free.  One observation I think worth adding from a stay during a half term / bank holiday is that this is high-density camping, the site had a festival camping feel.  If you are sensitive to wood smoke ask for a pitch up-wind.

May 30, 2015 by mangofire

Family camping

We just loved this campsite! It was situated in a stunning area with the most perfect play area for the kids allowing the adults to completely relax when required.  We had already read reviews regarding the rules on noise so we expected the site to be quite strict.  Personally we didn't have any problems and didn't witness any.  Because the rules were in place we had a wonderful sleep every night without disturbance - perfect if you have kids!! We will definitely be back again, a definite favourite!!!

Sep 2, 2014 by Pennypocket


It's all been said in the other reviews. In summary, we had a lovely time, but then in the amazing weather of this week we had it quite easy. It was our first camping trip as a family (with a 2 year old and six month old). Next time I think I'd look to go somewhere a bit smaller.


Great for kids +++ (although ours too young, it was obvious that the older children there were having an amazing time in the pond)

Spots for campfires at each pitch (fire wood+kindling now = £6)

Well maintained facilities/toilet block (but basic)

Has its own train station! 

Easy walk to nearest pub

Beautiful surroundings


Toilet block quite a long walk from some parts of site

50p for a shower (I spent £1, my partner 50p)

Didn't find the administration of rules and regulations excessive but think maybe has been scaled back since some of the previous reviews. 

Jul 27, 2014 by Victoria Reay

Pond Fun

A delight for kids as not only is there an assault course, there is a wading pond which some kids use as a boating pond as well.  It can get quite crowded as it is quite popular.  Washing facilities bit limited but adequate.

Jul 11, 2014 by tangmanf

Campfire delight

Arrived for a two night stay on Thursday through to Sat and I was greeted by Hilary who was helpful and very pleasant. The site is small and very clean with good toilet and shower facilities and a dry cupboard for wet shoes and boots which was a genius idea!  The views are amazing and the children's play area although small is good for keeping them entertained.  The campfires were great and a big plus for the real camping experience.  The only down side for me was the slightly over bearing park ranger who liked to bark rules at everyone! other than that a good site although expensive so you will need to budget!

Jun 8, 2014 by beardwood

Excellent first time camping experience

We have just returned from our camping experience, (hubby a pro, but for me and our boys (7) & (5) a new and delightful experience. Fisherground is a lovely campsite with amazing views. The boys throughly enjoyed the play park, mini lake, complete with tractor tyres to sail across on and toasting marshmallows (available from the ice cream van) on the campfire (wood for sale early evening).  I would recommend a small hand axe and extra firelighters for this activity but not altogether necessary.  The campsite was lovely and clean with a fairly new shower block which was regularly cleaned during our stay (Spring Bank Holiday).  Yes, you have to pay 50 p for a shower, but they are lovely and hot and run for at least 10 mins a pop.  There are plenty of pubs around if you fancy giving your camping stove a night off (and the cook)!  Scarfell Pike is only a short drive away.  The wardens were friendly and helpful and carried plenty of change for the showers. Yes, you have to pipe down after 10.30pm but most parents are glad to have packed the sprogs to bed and have quiet time to chat and drink wine around the campfire embers.  We will definitely be back!

May 6, 2014 by Joaana

Fabulous family fun

We stayed at fisherground with a 3 year old boy.  Absolutely idyllic setting.  The adventure playground and mini lake with rafts is something our boy wont forget anytime soon.  Countyside around the area is stunnign and the campiste has its own stop on the Ravenglass and Eskdale narrow gauge railway - we all love that!

The site is very organised and yes they do have rules but we played ball games, flew a kite and played with kids from other families.  The fire pit was good and the fact it is pinned to the ground we considered a safety feature.  I see that some people find the rules on noise etc to restrictive but as a family when you are trying to get small children to sleep at a sensible hour its very welcome.  Personally i dont understand people who go camping in the middle of nowhere but ehn insist on having music blarring until late night.  Perhaps they should go soemwhere with a pub or nightclub.

Maybe they dont have to post the rules everywhere but what you have here is a family friendly, quite, campsite in a stunning location where civilised behaviour in expected so everyone can enjoy getting away from it all.

Loved it and will be back.

Mar 6, 2014 by ian roe


On the strength of the Cool Camping Kids write up we extended our holiday by an extra day in order to take in a night's camping at Fisherground with our two kids (aged 8 and 10).

Sadly we were all a little disappointed...

It is a good site for kids - great little adventure playground... and the views of the surrounding mountains are gorgeous, particularly when shrouded in mist in the morning.

BUT - they are just so RULE-driven that I got the impression they didn't want the campers to relax at all!!!  It started with the condescending smirk and "... may I draw your attention to our list of rules..." at the check-in, then a huge sign repeating the rule list outside (no noise whatsoever after 10:30pm, etc), then you are escorted to your pitch and intructed in which direction and exact position to park your vehicle, then in the toilet/shower block every single sign was an order (Hand Washing ONLY, Clothes Washing ONLY, Push Taps Down ONLY, Hand-Drying ONLY, and even in the corner of the room: Floor Mop ONLY!!)... there were even signs threatening expulsion from the site if you were caught stealing toilet roll!!!!

Now we have camped in a zillion places, from luxury to basic, but I have never felt so unwelcome... So may call it highly organised, I just found it patronising, clinical and unfriendly - I mean do they really expect people to behave so antisocially that they need constant reminders everywhere?!

The facilities are adequate but pretty basic for a campsite of this size, and showers cost 50p a pop.  No freezers/fridges.  No plug sockets.  No frills.

As a parent I was frustrated that the ice cream van came to the site every night with its tune blaring... it made the demands for ice cream treats unavoidable, and left little room for parental discretion.  However, once I caved in, I was pleasantly surprised that they were at least cheaply priced.

The upside is that you can have real fires... just don't dare to even think about moving the fire pit or putting a large log on it or the zealous wardens will have you for breakfast!!! ;o)

Sep 1, 2013 by Camperholic

great family holiday

This has been one of the best family holidays we have ever had. The site was very family orientated. Upon arrival I asked to be close to the toilet/ shower block and we were put in a pitch closr by. The added bonus being it was also opposite the children's play area and pool so we could keep an eye on the kids from our tent. The fire pits were an excellent addition and we had some great nights sat around the camp fire toasting Marshmallows.  Great scenery and lovelt walks but word of caution the walk up the waterfall was treacherous with kids. No barriers no warnings very steep and slippery.  We decided to turn back for our own safety. Waterfall was off the eskdale trail.

Aug 22, 2013 by annie

First time camper, kids haven!

Excellent site for adults and children alike.

Kids played in the river and adventure area all day long and made lots of friends.
Fire pits are on each pitch and log wood is sold daily at 4.50 for log wood and kindling.
(remember your matches/lighter. If you do forget - The log man sells matches for 50p a box
Remember 50p for showers and dryers. 50p coins are available in exchange for cash from reception area if you have no 50p coins.
Amenities block is well maintained and if you leave your shower until after the morning/bedtime rush you will get in no problem.
Remember to take some water shoes for children as there are sharp stones in the lake and it could be quite uncomfy for the children's feet.

Take your own bbq and cooler packs - freezer available on site for your ice packs.

Remember your essentials as shop is very expensive!!

We loved it and we will be going again. As long as we get some decent weather!!

Aug 7, 2013 by cheekimonkee

Kids Paradise

We found this campground through the Guardian's 10 best campgrounds for kids. The campground is set in a really beautiful area, though we didn't do much exploring around because the big draw (especially if you have a kid) is the pond, tyre swings, rope swing, climbing is a kid's paradise! We went this weekend and it was hot and sunny...lots and lots of kids. When you first get there a camp worker takes you to your general location. We had two spots to pick from, one under a tree and one right across from the pond. He told us it was forecasted to rain and suggested the spot across from the pond. He also said don't put a pound in the showers because it will still only give you water for the same amount of time as if you put 50p in.... so it's best to take two 50p coins into the shower with you.

The place is amazing and our son (who's 9) was in heaven! They have two tyre rafts with poles kids can push around the pond plus all the other things I already mentioned and  he was busy the entire time, he barely even came back to the tent for food.

I would highly recommend taking. 1.Quite a few 50p coins for the showers and also for the dryers they have on site (kids+water=lots of wet clothes) 2. husband only told me AFTER we had to take the tent down in the pouring rain that the lake district gets the most rain in England. 3. A little extra money for the ice cream van and also the man that comes around with the wood so you can have a cozy bonfire.

Jul 28, 2013 by foxsmum

Brilliant, Staff have good sense of humour

Quite remote and not advisable to follow from sat nav unless in a tank or have spare clutch, gearbox, wheels as it will take you on narrow potholed windy 40% inclines/declines literally over the peak of mountains! better using real map and follow coastal and lower lying roads other than that an awesome camp great for adults, kids, photagraphists, hippies alike the nearby trek to the waterfall is well worth it. Make sure you bring plenty of provisions as the nearest shop is quite a trek although there are quite a few nearby country pubs. A real proper campsite.

Mobile signal: weak Orange T-mobile Virgin but zilch for 02

Jul 11, 2013 by ChrisH


We last visited here August 2012, we had a week of great weather, a first for us!! This campsite is a firm fav of my 8 and 6 year old. They had a ball, playing on the park and on the rafts. There is a steam railway running just behind the park with a stop on the park, also a big hit with the kids.

For me it was the camp fires that made it, it was lovely sitting round the fire in evening. Whilst we were there we had no issues with noise, it was lovely and peaceful the whole time. The pub down the road serves great food and we would recommend it. We would also recommend Muncaster castle for a day out which is not too far away.

Jun 6, 2013 by Ewalker82


Just got back from an amazing weekend here at Fisherground – 2 adults and 3 children. The campsite was beautiful and very friendly. You had your own space with an area for a campfire, plus a river and play area for the children. There's plenty of rocks for the kids to adventure on. The wardens very friendly and helpful. There's also a lovely area for washing and toilets. It's very peaceful at night and the wardens do a walk round. An amazing place. Even an ice cream van comes round. I would definitely recommended this site. There's really nothing negative about this place. We will be going again and again. 

May 6, 2013 by CampersRus

Beautiful location, great atmosfere!

Great stay here with family of 2 adults, 2 children (7 and 10 years old). Superb ’tenty’ place, we we’re travelling with our trailer tent, and found the advised route to the campsite quite adventurous. The route more along the coast is much better if travelling with a trailer. The site is well laid out beween the mountains, the views you wake up to are magnificant. Your own private fire ’rim’ completes the package. Complete with the log seller and the ice-cream van that also sells marshmallows. If the weather is reasonable, the kids play in and around the little lake. Trip with the little train that has a (request) stop at the campsite is a must, just as walking in the area. Toilets and showers not modern, but always clean, don’t forget your 50p coins for the showers. The pub down the road is also a great place for a drink and meal. Overall a great campsite were we might return sometime (we don’t usually even consider returning, like to visit different sites everytime)!
Aug 11, 2012 by Klavertjes


I stayed here with my friend and her 2 children in May 2011. The site is fantastic for children and adults alike! Lots of room for our large tent and lots of other families that made it a really friendly place to stay. You can buy wood on site for the campfire which was lovely to relax by in the evening. There is plenty for the children to do, a large lake - although our 2 were happiest playing in the stream next to the tent. The little railway goes along the bottom of the site too which was fun to spot as well as a nice day out. There is space for washing dishes and a small drying area for wet footwear and clothing. I’d go back here again.
Jun 12, 2011 by Dorita75


When I visited, the site was very busy and noisy at night and early morning. The good things about it were that there are fire pits to have your own camp fire and it is amongst lovely scenery. There is plenty of space for kids to play and there is some water that children love to paddle in. However, it is miles from almost anywhere and far too remote for me. The toilets and showers are very basic. I wouldn’t bother visiting it again. Too basic and miles from anywhere.
Jun 7, 2011 by migsy


Awesome camp site for a family and very efficiently ran. I’ve just arrived back from the Fisherground for the may-bank holiday, the weather wasn’t the greatest when we first arrived, arrived with a friendly welcome. Just before arriving, en-route we passed a Post Office so I thought this may be the last chance to get cash from the bank just in case they don’t accept cards. From working off their website; No charge for under 3’s (we had a 2 year old with us.) I worked it out at home to be just under £20 a night, upon arriving, was told it was £22.50 I only just had enough. No cards accepted. I now realise they charged me for my little one. Bad side, they didn’t really work it out for you too well, just gave you a price and that’s it. I didn’t notice a board or anything with prices, I put it down to maybe a bank holiday surcharge. Once we paid up, paying a £5 a night supplement for a large tent I was escorted to our pitch. All the pitches are roughly the same size, people in a 1 person tent had the same size as a 10 berth tent with awnings and porches, why the extra for family sized tent I am not so sure. Being escorted and told where to park felt good at the start then started to realise, I never like having my tent close to the fire, why risk the tent with cinders from fire, I couldn’t move the tent any further away from the fire than I did and it was still about six feet from the tent; Another down side was we were put under a tree with dead looking branches on and a stream running near, I would never have picked this spot personally, bugs from the stream and dangers of the dropping branches in the rain; Also meant our tent and places to sit was shaded all the time, we couldn’t sit out by the tent in the sun, it was shaded until the other side of the road. The rafts are a great asset to the site, gives all the kids something to do, I myself decided to have a play, stood in the middle of the pond with my iphone in hand doing a 360 pano nearing falling in was fun! :D Great zip-line on the park although too big more most of the little ones and a no-adult rule on the park made me wonder, it said no over 16s yet it looks as if you need to be 16 to ride it. My son at two years old was too young for everything really on the park, since there’s no slide or regular swings (only tyre swings) it meant there was very little really for him to do; As a result I think it’ll be a few years before we’re able to return to take advantage of this site, but, all in all, overly surroundings, very efficiently ran site, enough toilets / showers for the amount of campers on a busy bank-holiday weekend. It’s a must return site, just when the times right. Maybe well worth the note, the surcharge for family tents (6 berth and over) is only during school holidays.
May 30, 2011 by Albie


This campsite has lots of potential, but the owners while polite at first are very rude and patronising (Alison in particular) and have a million rules. The quad bikes with campsite staff/guards bomb around and are, in my opinion, very dangerous - definitely travelling well over 5mph! Facilities for the kids are good and it’s a lovely location, but that’s it I’m afraid. We won’t be going back, the way this place is run took the relaxation, fun and freedom out of the trip - ie the whole point of going camping in the first place!
May 1, 2011 by kathrynwheel

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