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Relax beneath a slope of evergreen pines that tumble towards the beautiful River Ljubnica...
In the mountainous northern reaches of Slovenia, there’s already enough to stimulate the senses: the sweet smell of pine, the babbling sound of running river water, the firm feel of grey, mountain rock under foot and the sweet taste of the local cuisine. It’s a positively sensuous place and, with so much naturally on offer, it seems little needs to be done to boost its appeal. Charming Slovenia, though, manage to add to it... and then some.

Beneath the slope of evergreen pines that tumble down toward the River Ljubnica, Charming Slovenia is a brand new glamping site focused around all things herbal. From its shop selling minty, fragrant teas and herbal ointments to its hands-on workshops, where guests can learn how to infuse homemade jams with basil leaves or make sweet smelling syrups with goodies fresh from the garden, the theme here is very much one for the senses. There is a wellness centre (sorry, a herbal wellness centre), where you can enjoy massages and therapies, plus the manicured garden, where every plant has a cute signpost to add a little horticultural education to proceedings. If you’re looking for a space to unwind you’ve found it.

The accommodation itself is rather revolutionary for Slovenia. While most sites around here are a vast maze of tents and caravans, proudly brandishing the title ‘glamping’ for their universal Euro-chalets - that can be found from the tip of Portugal to the edge of Austria - this glamping find is genuinely on the level. A subtle cross between a light and airy mountain lodge and an out-of-Africa type safari tent, the snug abodes are spread around a central, circular pool of water that shimmers in the morning breeze. Inside they feature double beds, en-suite bathrooms and free Wi-Fi, while outside each has it’s own private hot-tub. It’s more like booking a hotel room than a night beneath the stars, yet the canvas roof and tent-like front entrance still ensure that essential outdoor feel.

Beyond the charms of the site – it’s name is perfectly fitting, even if a little sickly-sweet – the mountains are the most dominant of attractions. You can’t exactly avoid them. The pine clad peaks are riddled with excellent hiking and mountain biking trails, while the rivers that snake through the rock – the Ljubnica, the Savinja, the Dreta and the Lučnica – are a boon for watersport lovers. It’s almost a sin to come here and not swim, kayak or canoe somewhere along the line. 

Not that the glampsite pumps you up for thrills and spills in the mountains. The laid-back sounds, sights and smells of it all leave you at such a relaxed and tranquil state that it seems more fitting to simply drift among the buildings of nearby Ljubno ob Savinji or take a drive to the countries diminutive but beautiful capital city Ljubljana, an hour away. Whatever you decide, putting down the mint tea and leaving the hammock is the first step. After that you’ve already accomplished the greatest feat of the day!

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