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  • Electrical hook-ups
  • Children’s playground
  • Laundry
  • Dogs welcome
  • Groups welcome
  • Beaches nearby
  • Good walks nearby
A quintessentially Italian campsite just a hop, skip and a jump from Lake Garda

Come and make a splash at Camping Bellavista. The site sits pretty on a bay at the northern end of Lake Garda, Italy’s most magnificent lake, and is in prime position for all campers who love to get wet – really wet.

It is a simple and welcoming campsite, with generous grassy plots neatly spaced under rows of shady olive trees. All have hook- ups and, given the boutique size of the site, you’re never too far from anything. From the front of the property you can step onto a picturesque waterfront with blue water so clear (and cold) that you can see your tootsies sinking into the white sand.

On each side of the lake imposing limestone mountains retreat into the distant horizon, framing the 180° view. The landscape is a perfect playground if you are keen on hiking, canyoning, rock-climbing or mountain- biking. But given the site’s location, your first priority should really be all about getting wet. Windsurfing and sailing are the most popular ways of doing this and you can hire everything you need.

When you’ve had enough and have towelled off, you’ll find a green valley of orchards and vineyards flourishing in the Mediterranean climate, surrounding the nearby town of Arco. Its old centre has a busy square and streets flanked by quaint little terraced houses sporting cute shuttered windows. End your stay on a high note with a visit to the romantic Arco castle, which teeters above the town on a sheer rock face. Just don’t try high-diving off the top.



There are 4 bathroom blocks, 2 of which are heated, with showers, laundry facilities, disabled access, baby changing, private bathrooms (€8 extra) and dishwashing areas. There are recycling facilities, chemical disposal, a mini-market, reception bar and play area. WiFi available.

Suitable For

Tents, caravans, campervans, dogs – yes.


Take a guided tour of nearby Arco Castle (0039 464 532 255) or head into Riva del Garda for an ice cream on the promenade. Why not try out a canyoning adventure in the beautiful mountain crevices of the Upper Garda (0039 464 505 406)? If that sounds appealing then you're in the right place because there's quite a list of activities on your doorstep:  sailing, windsurfing, walking, mountain biking, climbing and paragliding. Grab a bunch of leaflets from reception and take your pick.

Food & Drink

The campsite bar and café has al fresco seating and excellent coffee. For dinner, tempt your tastebuds at Ristorante Alla Lega (0039 464 516 205), where Italian fare is served on a vine-covered patio.


Late April–early October.


Bellavista, Via Gardesana 31, 38062 Arco, Trentino, Italy

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Getting There

The campsite is on the waterfront at Nargo-Torbole on the SS-240 between Arco and Riva del Garda.


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We only stayed for one night (fortunately) and that was long enough! The site is lying betwenn a very busy and loud road and the lake, which is separated by a tall fence. So you can't see the lake, like it's suggested by the name of the camp site.

I really don't know what this site has to find in a register called "Cool Camping"

May 31, 2016 by Joh

An awful establishment

I had to write this review. I just spent 7 weeks camping around Europe and camping Bella vista was the most exspensive campsite I stayed in at €34.50 for two people and a tent for one night AND it was the absolute worst campsite for a number of reasons. 

We turned up at camping Bella vista after reading about it here, we were given an icy reception on arrival and asked how long we wanted to stay we said "maybe two nights" and the man said there was only one space free for only two nights, so if we wanted to we couldn't stay any longer. Tired after a very long drive we took the place and set up camp.

The campsite does back onto a beachy area, it also backs a extremely busy motorway - the campsite is patrolled by a man cycling his bike around and staring at you on your pitch (which made me feel very uncomfortable and like we were doing something wrong)  it also has huge metal gates surrounding you and CCTV cameras everywhere- not exactly what I would call "boutique". The only bins are based outside the campsite and when I went to put a small empty water bottle and a used tissue in the bin outside the toilet I had the cleaner take it out, throw it at me and then shout at me to pick it up from the floor! Which was obviously a horrible way to be treated as a customer. 

Another issue with a different cleaner arises when I took a shower on the campsite, I came out of the shower wrapped in my towel and started to do my makeup in front of the mirror.  Whilst doing this I  had a male cleaner burst into the women's showers start hitting all the doors open and then shout at me to "get out" and "go to the other bathroom" so he could clean.  I thought this was incredibly rude and inappropriate for a male cleaner to come into the women's showers especially while I was in there just in my towel and then have the cheek to tell me to get out. . 

The spaces aren't exactly "spacious" they are slightly bigger than other Italian campsites (but you are charged significantly more for that.) the main problem with the spaces are that half of the campsites backs AN EXTREMELY BUSY AND LOUD motorway and walkway - both are used excessively throughout the day and night. Being pitched close to this we were completely unable to sleep with cars buzzing past at all hours and people very loudly walking past. After this and my horrible treatment by the cleaners we decided to pack up and leave. 

Upon leaving a day before we said we "might stay" we were charged €34.50 and I handed over €40 - at this point the man who worked at the campsite came over demanding and shouting at us that as we said we might stay two nights we had to pay €48 for attempting to leave early. When I explained that the cleaners had been rude to me and I was unable to sleep he replied that was "Not his problem". They then refused to give us our change and after a heavy argument about this shouted at us to leave and get out. 

I cannot stress enough how disgustingly we were treated by all members of staff at this horrible establishment for our one night stay. I camped all over Europe for 7 weeks and this campsite was an absolute Low point of the trip. I really think it should be removed from this site - there's nothing "cool" about having your money forcibly taken by an establishment, and camping on the footsteps of a major motorway.

Aug 27, 2015 by jj259

Decent site, great location

It was actually quite a long time ago that I stayed here but it is a very well located site. Right on the banks of the lake and with a decent beach. I was there in summer (baking hot) and spent most of the time reading on the beach. Facilities clean and folk welcoming.

Mar 16, 2015 by James Smith

Beautiful setting

The campsite pitches were a decent size and well shaded by olive trees and the back gate of the site literally opens onto the shore of the lake. From there you can walk or cycle along the promenade all the way round to Riva del Garda with more beautiful views. All the facilities were clean and modern with a lovely onsite cafe and friendly helpful staff.

Oct 5, 2014 by Rose

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