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Camping La Brugère

Europe France Aquitaine Dordogne

Camping La Brugère, 24510 Saint-Felix-de-Villadeix, Dordogne, France

Casual camping, rustic charm and a natural lake for swimming in
La Brugère, in the heart of the Dordogne region, is a farm. Or so René and Lieke like to tell us. They gesture to the sheep in the neighbouring field, gnawing the grass back to its brown, sun-dried stems, and the cattle dotting a meadow in the bottom of the valley. It’s a working farm, with real life crops, and tractors and ducks and things.

Yet despite its early days as a mere side-note to the agricultural proceedings, it’s the campsite that has since become the real centerpiece of La Brugère. And who would have betted otherwise? After all, what kind of farm has a kidney bean shaped lake that’s just asking to be swam in? Perfectly placed trees that are just asking to be pitched under? And sheds with old haylofts that are just aching to be transformed?

Yes, La Brugère may claim to be all agricultural and have that rustic, homemade feel but it wears the badge with pride and it’s precisely this authentic, rural nature that makes it so special. The reality is, no matter how much they insist La Brugère is a farm, it’s the camping that’s to die for.

Spread in a meadowy space, gently sloping towards the lake at the very bottom, and dotted throughout with young trees, Camping La Brugère is made up of around 25 grass pitches. At the entrance by the yard buildings, a chalky white track leads you in but otherwise the short grass – maintained by those friendly sheep – is left for campers to enjoy.

To avoid scorching, campfires are also not allowed, but in the peak season René and Lieke light a communal campfire outside the main farm shed instead, as well as hosting their renowned weekly barbeques – a great communal gathering where campers can socialize; each bringing their own meat and food to cook. The same shed has been delightfully converted inside to be used as a small onsite shop and bar throughout the season. Along with coffee, ice cream, alcoholic and soft drinks, they also serve a few tasty family dishes. Pizza in their wood-fired pizza oven and spit roasted chickens are a staple, while the occasional plat du jour will see paella, fish curry or a confit de canard appearing for a change.

It’s an attitude to cooking that’s perfectly suited to the sort of site this is. Casual and spontaneous, yet delighting every camper who’s willing to give it a try. What more could you ask for?

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