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Campervan Sleeps 4
A high end VW T6 top-spec brand new campervan with a bike rack, solar panels and luxurious interiors.


Campervan Sleeps 4
A brand new iconic two toned VW T6 campervan.

The Owner Says

After living abroad for most of my life, I have returned to Perthshire where I grew up. I have started the Scottish Lifestyle Concept BeCoorie, and through this I want to share my passion for the outdoors, cosy interiors and how we can embrace our beautiful country through my Scottish inspired lifestyle approach brand BeCoorie . By hiring this luxury camper-van you too, can go out to the wilds and embrace what Scotland has to offer. I'm here to help with ideas, full details of and to help with country sport / outdoor adventure bookings or just to pinpoint places to go to. As a keen country sports and outdoor adventurer I would be more than happy to assist you with your bookings for what is available here for you to try during your journey through Perthshire and beyond.


Contact BeCoorie Campers Scotland, Be Coorie Commercial Lane Comrie PH6 2DP

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