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4 Berth • VW Splitscreen • 1967 Model
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Year: 1967
  • Petrol Engine ( 1.6 L )
  • Manual
  • Seats 4 (max 0 adults, 0 children)
  • Min Driver Age: 18

The Owner Says

Welcome to Barbarella. Like her famous cinematic name-sake she floats, as though weightless, through the furthest reaches of Devon and Cornwall, exploring new frontiers and boldly going where no van has gone before. Remember Barbarella was pioneering the age of exploration two long years before the first man strolled on the moon. So go on, hire an historic piece of the space race.

Don’t let her age put you off, be amazed as she still turns heads wherever she goes. She is a gorgeous 1967 right hand drive Splitty. She has her original ‘Devon’ interior with a Martin Walter Dormobile Roof. This side lift roof enables 2 teenagers to sleep in canvas bunks up top, whilst there is a double bed downstairs. The roof is also very light and airy, having 2 glass windows and 2 opening vents.

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The company is located at Highlands, Old Road, High Street, Okehampton EX20 1SP

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Okehampton, West Devon
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